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This was just before I sent them to OSB for recrafting, not the greatest picture:
Haha, what an ancient post! The boots have been holding up well over the years despite how much wear I've put on them (2-3 times a week). And they still shine up quite nicely with some brushing and a little venetian shoe cream! I have noticed that the heels do tend to wear down somewhat quickly ( depending on your expectations), but this may be more attributable to my gait than the boots themselves. I've had the heels replaced twice -- the second time was just a few months...
I would love to see pictures. I ordered the 'burgundy' myself. 
I say leave it be. Likely no one will notice but you. Alternatively, you can spot clean it without much problem. Wet a paper towel, then dab the stained area (try not to scrub as it tends to remove more indigo). If the stain remains, try putting a bit of liquid detergent on the paper towel and dab further.
A year and some change (2-3 months) with my RGT SKs. 1 wash. I've realized that the SKs are too skinny to be ubiquitously versatile, so I'm looking to purchase a pair of slubby Stantons. Any thoughts? (Fit, sizing, hand... Etc.)
I'm sorry but, what?
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.
Aw, shucks. I did try that same coupon this previous night, but I suppose you did so earlier. Thanks anyways. I hope you enjoy your boots!
And what coupon would that be, if you don't mind sharing?
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