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I would love to see pictures. I ordered the 'burgundy' myself. 
I say leave it be. Likely no one will notice but you. Alternatively, you can spot clean it without much problem. Wet a paper towel, then dab the stained area (try not to scrub as it tends to remove more indigo). If the stain remains, try putting a bit of liquid detergent on the paper towel and dab further.
A year and some change (2-3 months) with my RGT SKs. 1 wash. I've realized that the SKs are too skinny to be ubiquitously versatile, so I'm looking to purchase a pair of slubby Stantons. Any thoughts? (Fit, sizing, hand... Etc.)
I'm sorry but, what?
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.
Aw, shucks. I did try that same coupon this previous night, but I suppose you did so earlier. Thanks anyways. I hope you enjoy your boots!
And what coupon would that be, if you don't mind sharing?
I really don't understand the recent infatuation with Gosling's clothes. But yeah, I second on the Carhatt.
Surely, this is not the way to treat a new forum member. And do not take yourself to be a representative of SF, the position does not suit you well—for there are many members who will take the time to help "noobs." In most cases, the search function is adequate for general questions, but often the information contained in past threads is outdated or could be expanded upon. Please be considerate.  
New Posts  All Forums: