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My trench boots airing out after a good day of wear. The heels are due for their second replacement—at fault is likely my own feet dragging and not anything to do with construction of the boot themselves; to be sure, someone will argue otherwise. This picture reminds me of the sort of van Gogh paintings (whatever that may be) Heidegger invokes in his The Origin of the Work of Art. Here's to hoping someone will catch that reference.
I had the same wrinkles on my right boot, unsightly, but never took too much mind of it. I figured that such creasing was fairly common.Present it to OSB, see what they say.
9ish months? (I apologize for the dirty socks--long day of walking.)  For comparison (newish):
I say leave it be. Likely no one will notice but you. Alternatively, you can spot clean it without much problem. Wet a paper towel, then dab the stained area (try not to scrub as it tends to remove more indigo). If the stain remains, try putting a bit of liquid detergent on the paper towel and dab further.
 Oh, my heart...
A year and some change (2-3 months) with my RGT SKs. 1 wash. I've realized that the SKs are too skinny to be ubiquitously versatile, so I'm looking to purchase a pair of slubby Stantons. Any thoughts? (Fit, sizing, hand... Etc.)
I'm sorry but, what?
Am I apt for a heel replacement? Albeit, it has only been a few months.
3-4 months of wear, I've lost count.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.
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