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Hey there--   I like imitating stuff I see in movies - they have great ideas sometimes.   Anyway -- anyone have any idea what kind of jacket this is? Or where I can find something that looks like it?   (actor is Jason Bateman)   Yeah it's definitely a more subdued look, but I think it can work well/ not be too boring. Hard to tell here but in the flick in looks on the thinner side, weight wise.  
Hey, I'm going on a trip out of the country and figured I'd quickly refresh some of my jeans here.     Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on the quality/ value/ feel of a few brands on sale at Nordstrom--     http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/mens-jeans?dept=8000001&origin=topnav     I'm not very familiar with them --- AG, Hudson, Joe's, Diesel, Fidelity, Jbrand, Nudie...   Most of the normal looking items seem in the $130 range which is perfect for me.     I...
Hey this is more of a costume question--   I'm going to a Cuba-1950s themed party. I have a white linen suit which is probably fine -- was thinking how to 'Cuban' it up.   My ideas so far are a cravat/ red cravat (didn't Pacino wear one in the Godfather in Havana?), some sort of summer scarf, or maybe red cummerband/ bowtie --- any can be acquired cheaply.   Also can't a cravat --- some sort of red fabric .. be worn not tucked into the shirt, so it looks kinda like...
Which thread is that? The non-ugly winter boots thread?   That thread isn't quite right --- because virtually NONE of the boots on there would work/ look fashionable in any kind of indoor setting.
Okay --- I know it's impossible to find a shoe that can brave salt, slush, and snow while still looking good in a business casual office.   What I'm asking is for casual environments.   I live in Chicago. There is snow, salt, and slush for 4 months of the year around here. Like most around here, I strictly use public transit and walk, and don't have a car.   If I'm going to a bar, or going to a club (not too strict round here), or going to casual Friday at the...
Bump .... any ideas for the casual look?   I'm going to Vegas soon and have a rockin' sport jacket I just got tailored --- I'm just not sure if I should pair with a more rugged shoe like a Chukka or penny loafer, or go for something more oxford-lookin. Anyone have any experience with this?   Probably looking at something brown or burgundy/ oxblood.
I just got light gray cotton blazer for summer traveling --- what are the best kind of shoes to wear with a more casual look?   I was thinking mabye something like this (suede chukkas):       Any other ideas? Are jeans and a blazer kind of dated for someone in their mid twenties?   Should I spring for something a little more formal like AE Neumoks?
I have a few trips coming up --- business and pleasure -- and Vegas ; ) ----- I didn't exactly want to wear my finest suit out on the town when booze is spilling, so I was looking for a stylish sport/coat blazer that can take a beating. Looking around $150 -- maybe $200 if it's really bad ass-- I am going to be wearing this out and don't want to be uber concerned about it.   I'm also looking for something slim and a little more daring --- maybe a solid creme or beige...
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