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No international shipping or returns. BIN available for all items.
Balenciaga Resille Low Sneakers, Black White and Grey Size 8   Common Projects Achilles Low in White Size 9   Fiorentini and Baker Men's Elf Black Leather Boot Size 8.5   Shipping 1/2 off...
Common Projects Achilles Low White Size 42 US 9 Like New, free shipping for SF members. Starting 169 BIN 229
No link, it's just at their nyc store at 79th and madison. They're moving to the west village. Some really nice breton sweaters from the originators. 
Saint james moving sale, 50% off.
Those black pleated balenciaga high tops are nice, anyone know where to find them? Seems most places only have the whites. Stores in nyc as well as online would work.
Thoughts on these margiela high tops?  
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