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I've noticed a lot of Jack Victor suits on Gilt, MyHabit, etc. labelled "Jack Victor Studio". Does anyone know about this JV line?   The fact that they are going for as low as $200 leads me to believe it's a lower-end JV line.   I have one JV suit which I'm actually very happy with. It was $300 delivered on bluefly. The fit and cut are good, considering the price. It's half-canvassed and after six months of once-a-week-wear it feels new. I'd gladly buy 1-2 more...
a tailor and VinnyMac -- Thanks for the great feedback!
This is a friend's first suit. He bought it though Indochino and is looking to get a remake. Keep in mind he is football player, so he has a huge upper body with a narrow waist. So far, he plans to have 1.5 inches added to the waist, 1 inch added to the chest, half an inch added to each sleeve, and an inch added to the pants on the thigh. He is also going to ask them to fix the shoulder divots, if possible.   Any suggestions are very much...
It says "Alexander" on the box and inside the shoe. Neither are in cursive. The bottom says "Made in Italy".
One irritating newb bump. 
I picked up a pair of "Alexander" shoes from a store that was being liquidated today. The liquidators told us the shoes were $150, which was lower than than $190 at cost price the business had purchase them. I managed to get him down to $125 (Canadian $).    The shoes appear to be good quality: leather soles, good craftsmanship, not a glue job. For the price, I am very happy with them. However, I am admittedly new to good shoes.    What I can tell so far...
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