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 Thanks for the heads-up!
Noodles, i have a Philly cheese steak we can share. I'm starting to grow a 'randy' gut. TPB fans know what I mean.
Those are the Lands' End pants, right? Most people on that website complained that they were very slim, is that how they arrived or did you tailor them down even closer?
Welcome though! :D
The one in the yellow looks beautiful!
Dude, I hear you, when I drive by my usual spots I am thinking of all the Coppley that is getting away from me. But I need to do this. I'd rather invest the money I will save into my small business. Got to sacrifice somewhere.
There is a chicken and waffles place close to where I work, so much for getting in shape this year.
Well gents, I've been good so far with my promise of no new purchases, In fact, I've parted ways with a lot of clothes that just didn't get wear, AND, a great friend of mine has caught the thrifting bug but wants helps with brands, I will be channeling the thrift-force and trying to help him.
New Posts  All Forums: