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Here, I made a thread where we can duke it out, Tira, SB, Caustic or anyone who wants in. For the record I made one post about the matter that was it.
Flying body slams in suits are pretty cool. Wish it was Ric flair though.
This is why Brits need to be armed. Should've blown that punk away.    EDIT They run up in there with a sledgehammer and huge blade, you pull out a shotgun and give them 5 seconds to back off or you drop the biggest guy and blow the guy running out the door in the back like you are Tony Montana.    You don't see this crap happening in Switzerland or Wyoming, because all the men are armed to the teeth.   EDIT #2 Where is Gallen Weston when you need them to pull some...
Caustic, you remind me a bit of Gallen Weston, just a really well armed Gallen Weston.
I figured y'all were cool, but I didn't read it that way at first. Anyway, you clarified it and that's enough for me. 
Nice ad hominem attack...
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