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Is this a tasteful pattern!?
Cot Damn, y'all for the most part are looking good!
Wassup homies.
I want to shave off that stupid pointy stache'.
I blame Cleav for getting me into vests, thank you sir!
Coppley BNTW 41 T, but it doesn't seem too long for me and I'm 40-42R It is available (apparently it is has an issue on the right arm, I couldn't find it.      Massimo Dutti Knit Coppley vest BNWT
I haven't posted in a while! Suit - Boss Vest - Coppley Shirt - Kamakura Tie - Massimo Dutti
Sorry, posted in wrong thread! 
Downtown Hamilton's Salvation Army has a bunch of big ass Coppley suits/sports coats, pants in ridic colours but all massive sizes 46-56+. $14.99
I've been listening to a lot of Ice Cube lately! 'Getting locked up by the doe' slammas'  I'm half kidding about the fact you'd get your ass thrown in prison, but isn't like half of the US prison population victimless drug offences?   I don't want to explain why I'd have dope on me to an officer here, so I don't carry on my person, but then I rarely smoke it anyway. 
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