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Buddy's right, these are not the Indy Boots, but cot damn I'm happy about them, I think these were $540-70 new.
Dr. Livingston, I'd love to talk to you about some of those bow ties, if you decide to part ways with them. I have some weddings this spring and would sincerely love to wear at least a couple of those!
Not my photo, but I picked up Alden for J Crew Suede Indy Boots at a local Salvation Army for $7.99 today.
@Shen Nice outfit! The photography could improve a little though, all that background and negative space is very distracting to my eyes, if you are using a dSLR,try shooting on a lower f-stop and crop in vertically.   [[SPOILER]]
You could sell that leather jacket to Andrew Dice Clay, Oh!!
Not creepy, just a tacky iGent. What profanation of classic styles.
Donny! you look great, man!
Looks good, Choc! 
I have over 1000 posts to catch up on. Crazy... this weekend I picked up 2 Corneliani shirts and 1 regent collar polo dress shirt for personally use.
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