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Thanks everyone, I doubt I'm the most improved though!
Sort of! We were to dress in the most comfortable manner that suited our tastes. We're all artists at this studio, and frankly I like out-dressing everyone I work with.
Photo Day @ Work! Pretty far back in the first photo and I see I'll need some braces for these suit pants, that pooling fabric is not acceptable.   Photo Day @ Work!  
Piss stained suit pants! FTW
Oh yea! I scored some Dacks yesterday! Love em
^^ Yes sir, it is a classic proportioned worsted-wool, dark navy, big ol' cuffs on the bottom, held up by braces. Well, everyone has an opinion - the quality and the hand-feel of this tie was too good to pass up.
Double Breasted Navy today. Was curious what people thought of a fine check and a striped tie? Thrifted this brioni tie yesterday, I think it is sexy as hell :)
New Posts  All Forums: