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Jack Victor self labelled in my view is crap, never saw anything I wanted to kop. Anywho, kopped two sets of black braces, Albert Thurstons & still in the box Hardy Amies. Both available
Don't worry about some silly multi quote function faux pas, @BespokeKiwi. No one here has the right to give you shit about that, there is far too much fucking nit-picking on here.
If y'all got some 40R hit a brother up!
Can't wait to go back at photograph this building as the sun sets.
Nice looks gentlemen!
Had a workmate snap a quick one of me, wide angle lenses and camera noobs, lol Anyway most of the rig is Coppley/North American   Jacket - Coppley Shirt - Some Italian Brand Trousers - Coppley Shoes- AE
I'm a photographer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and this was a shot I took just at a local boardwalk before a shoot for my friends. I read a few pages back and the user who went to China, wow, nice shots! Also getting some ND filters today
Dapper, where you at in Canada. SW ontario?
Sugar, that tie is fantastic!
AAC strikes again, my man.
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