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Downtown Hamilton's Salvation Army has a bunch of big ass Coppley suits/sports coats, pants in ridic colours but all massive sizes 46-56+. $14.99
I've been listening to a lot of Ice Cube lately! 'Getting locked up by the doe' slammas'  I'm half kidding about the fact you'd get your ass thrown in prison, but isn't like half of the US prison population victimless drug offences?   I don't want to explain why I'd have dope on me to an officer here, so I don't carry on my person, but then I rarely smoke it anyway. 
Well, you get thrown in the slammer for that, right?
Bloomberg is an angel for what he did to New York, now you can get choked to death for a carton of smokes that you can't smoke in public. 
I found 2 Floris No. 89 soap packs at Winners for $15 a piece. Smells amazing!
^^ Looks approachable! :)
Is there a decent thread for cologne?
I have some dark brown wool borrelli trousers, 34-32, cuffed, willing to trade.
The gentleman in the glasses look fine, but almost everyone else looks sorta' odd that first woman has some duck-face going on! 
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