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Does anyone have any roll neck sweaters or turtle necks that are available?
All north american today. Coppley & AE
40 r
Any of y'all got any Coppley?
That jacket looks like a mens to me
Snapped a shameless selfie before I got to the car. Felt this was casual considering the check shirt and the knit tie, trousers are grey flannel, jacket is part of a flannel suit.
Obozo is a lunatic, needs to wear a straight jacket, in tan, of course.
@Isolation, I like your casual fit from your last photo, I think we're both coming along in this respect. Sorry for the folks bashing your hair cut, frankly, it shouldn't matter.     I'd like to see you guys go up to someone in person and start ripping on their hair, you would your fucking asses checked so fast for being lippy, it's disgusting how some of y'all act.     Smarten the hell up. Same goes for the people who give @DonCologne shit for not smiling in his fit...
Foxx is looking very classic!
Are those Louis' stained with piss?
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