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How many users here use a tripod and dSLR?
In a casual setting I like those wingtips. They look shoes that were made for literal ass kicking, Aussy style.
Just had my shirt arrive, done in the style of Turner. Excellent! Money well spent, thanks Luxire!
That's a beautiful look! I'd love to see a cutaway with that lapel gorge!
Any of y'all got small geometric ties for a brother to snag on his birthday? Me :)
Since it was my birthday, I am wearing my birthday suit, I can't photograph it, so this is the closest thing that is covering my junk. Oh, was given a safety razor as a gift!
God dammit boy! *says in texas accent*
Wow, so much Bro-ness happening here, Next time can I pair up with Crust?
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