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Canadian = Unarmed Americans with healthcare I once saw a book that said Canada was 'Merica's hat?
Remember gents, I'm from Canada, I think most, if not all state trooper hats are the same. Damn Canadians thinking in generalizations!
Stichy done stole a state trooper's hat, you the right to remain spreezy. 
Choc, I dig the vest. I'll put money down on the fact that the VAST majority of people you interacted with on that day thought you looked mighty sharp.   To my eyes it breaks up your big frame and I see nothing offensive with a bit of contrast, especially something as harmless as what you chose.    Also, I'm rocking a cardigan today so I am biased.  
Wanna give a shout out to Left of the Dial! :) Thanks Bud for the Ray Bans!
T&A Tie, first for me :) Workmate has dubbed it, but if not, it is available.     Orphaned Plaid Wool Trousers by Coppley, couldn't resist the hometown brand.
Pants do need to be let out. They are snug. Thanks for the advice gents
Today is as designer-y as it gets for me, kinda...   Coppley Suit Borrelli Shirt & Tie Chocolate Suede AE Cambridge Wingtips (unseen)
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