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Thank you. I am going to pay them a visit. 
Not really but it adds a nice touch. It's all about the details.
Hello Gals and Gents,   I just brought an Eidos car coat with unfinished sleeves. I need a tailor that can finish the sleeves with surgeon cuffs, buttonholes, and all. Anything in Manhattan or Brooklyn is fine. I just need someone that would do an excellent job.   I used to go to Beyond Bespoke but they have gone down in quality recently.
No over coats..
Almost everything is Medium..
Interested. PM sent.
Hiya! Do the models include boots?  
Hmm..I haven't gotten a promo code for an extra 15%. An item I eyeing is capped at 30% off with just the patron rate. However, I did notice when I try to stack promo codes, Kafka lowers my patron rate and keeps the overall discount the same. 
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