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 And its funded! That is pretty insane. I really hope this momentum leads them to offer a sweet Heavy Indigo/Orange stiching classic workshirt! Come on @joshgustin you know people would love another one! :) 
 I have to admit I was already trying to read into that email, since they used the plural I am really hoping that it means multiple types of workshirts are back and coming and not just that Khaki WS. I really really want a classic Heavy Indigo Denim workshirt with proper Orange stitching. How else am I going to create my Canadian Tuxedo?!
 I am going to go against what some of the others have posted here as I havn't had a chance to grab a traditional work shirt from you. I am thinking something like the Japan Union Blue with Orange stitching! A pure classic work shirt.
@joshgustin just making a suggestion for a natural cotton oxford, something like the Ecru fabrics we see around everywhere. It would be a nice subtle shift in the color from a white cotton and I think the fabric could be extra interesting with the natural fibres on display!
I will also throw my vote in for more workshirts. I would love to see another 'traditional' workshirt, something like the Japan Union Blue Workshirt with Orange contrast stitching. I need a traditional workshirt to round out the collection!   Adding a pocket flap to one of the pockets would be amazing too, add some variation!
 I couldn't agree with this more, I understand them not wanting to hold onto an item to combine shipping, but buying in multiples should result in reduced shipping costs. $16 for shipping on $30 socks really kills it for me as well.
I backed the last round and mine didn't make it past the quality control at Gustin. I was really bummed that I thought I missed out on them but didn't waste a second backing them when I saw the update this morning.    Hopefully I have better luck this time around!
 You need to post a few pics of them when you get a chance. I am really bummed that mine didn't make the production cut and I am really curious to see what they look like as a finished product. I am wondering if they will attempt them again in the future since they had production issues...
 Jay from BlueOwl informed me that they are trying to get a restock on these from RT. He said he hopes to find out sometime soon!
Just got an email today that they had to cancel my ISC Chino order. Apparently they had production quality issues and will not be able to deliver my pair that I ordered.   I was offered a $50 discount on something over $100 from their stock shop (or 50% off something under $100) as a form of compensation. I did receive a full refund on my first order but I was really looking forward to receiving those Chino's.   Has anyone else had their order canceled? I am pretty...
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