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 Awesome, thanks for the feedback.
@ceoceo what color is that M65 from Timberland?    I have a Olive Parka from Ten C and I really enjoy it but I would consider this Timberland M65 at its current price right now as a stop-gap until I can afford the real thing.   Also, I have the new Shearling liner for my parka and wanted to grab a hood liner as well. Does anyone have any experience or opinion on the difference between the Shearling liner and hood liner as separates vs. the one piece shearling liner+hood?
I was wondering about the description as it had it at 8.75oz which seemed quite heavy. Usually at that weight they talk about it in the fabric description but there was no mention. The heavier the better IMO for a fabric like this. I am really looking forward to it.
You are totally right, I forgot about the jeans completely as I only really order shirts from them. There has been a few denim runs like that.
I backed the #213 CONE INDIGO JACQUARD this morning and it already ran through its entire run by 5:30. I don't think I have ever seen something fund in what is basically 8 hours! It was so popular I see they just opened up another complete run, that is pretty crazy.   That also leads me to question I have for everyone here. Has anyone ever missed out on an item and emailed Gustin right after it closed to see if you could sneak in afterwards? I mean if they havn't ordered...
I would reach out to Gustin directly. They seem to be pretty responsive and you will give them the opportunity to makes things right first. It does seem odd the shoes appear to have corrected grain leather, perhaps it has something to do with that heat treatment to give it that finish? Still very odd.
 I feel your pain. I am 6'6" and really like the fit of their Large Tall. I have a few of the workshirts that are a XL Slim and they essentially fit about the same (but I think they might cut the workshirts a little bigger anyway). I took a gamble backed the Italian Western in XL Slim. The 1/2" shorter sleeves and slightly shorter body shouldn't be a huge deal breaker I hope.
I am sure this doesn't totally jive with SNS's heritage but I would love to see a piece in dyed Indigo at some point. This preview kind of looks like indigo that has faded on the raised sections actually.
 Me too. It seems like there was a flurry of WS and now they are done again...
I was trying to do some research on the new Cone Salt and Pepper workshirt and came across this site:   It would appear to be a place in LA that happens to sell a lot of the fabrics used by Gustin. I thought this was interesting as I always figured Gustin worked directly with the mills to obtain the material, but it would make more sense that there would be an intermediary involved in the process. This would also obviously explain the picture of...
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