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I think the main difference between a lot of Mens and Womens products is the scent and sometimes the potency (this I can't verify obviously). I have heard one explanation that Women's skin is thinner and thus their skincare products are not as strong/harsh, but really when you start getting into the restorative products they are quite harsh. If you don't need excessive Oil control (Mens skin tends to be oilier on average) or some other more Manly (?) problem I don't see...
 Those are the exact shoes I was hoping to get. Enjoy them! They are truly unique!
What size are those? He had a pair up earlier on eBay that sold at Auction for fairly high price.   I am rather jealous of them. 
 A former co-worker had one of the bridle leather briefcases from them and I was always jealous of it. There is usually a reason why a smaller company like them stay in business for so long (especially before the internet!).
 Wow! You have three posts in two years and yet manage to respond to the comment above yours in 4 hours?!?! (Also please note I know I also have almost no posts, just impressed with the quickness of us lurkers.) Also Frank Clegg stuff is gorgeous and a very good value.
I just wish they would make a "Long" or "Tall" cut of their shirts. Their stuff is great it is just not made for anyone with above average height.   Those flannel shirts look terrific and will be well suited for Canadian Fall/Winter.
 Just curious Nick who the shipping company was that handled your original import into Canada. The duties on my two pairs were not nearly as high. Also experiences exactly like what you have endured are what is stopping me from order a few more pairs from Meermin. I realize that some of this is out of their control but it really is unfortunate that you have to accept some potentially huge risks in order to deal with Meermin. Add in the uncertainty over how some of the...
Thank you for the info. Sorry for not searching first!
 Where these MTO? I have really been thinking a lot lately about adding a pair of Navy AE's to my collection. When you get a chance could you please post a few more pics of these? They look unbelievable. 
 I achieved the same look on my navy Neumoks with some saddle soap. I tried the same method as you at first, soaking them in Lexol conditioner but I found the Lexol eventually dries out of the leather leaving you with the original color. This picture is about 3 months removed from using the saddle soap, you can see how the color is still nice and rich. Sorry for the poor photo quality I took it quickly using my Nexus 5 camera. 
New Posts  All Forums: