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Yay!  Ghost write that letter! Sign it "Thomas Jefferson"! In big letters so even the Queen in England can read them!!! Or Stalin in his grave.
I like knit ties a lot, but they work best with fairly "preppy" looks - button-down collar shirts, blazers and chinos.   Am coming to like wool ties as well.
Me or him?   Mine's a little too tight for sure...
Uniqlo boxer briefs.
  This looks very nice.
With foot/ankle problems like yours I would be getting professionally made orthotics or at least high-end "cheap" orthotics that you can adjust yourself (SuperFeet, Sole, etc) and putting them in the shoes instead of the existing insoles.  This will broaden your options considerably in terms of what is comfortable.
  Touched a nerve, huh?  Can't be bothered to learn a fundamental measurement.    Do you know your chest size?
If you don't know your own neck size, you haven't even seriously started to look into fit. Do your own homework first, then ask for help.
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