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""Trucker mouth""   Ouch.  He face is partially paralyzed from, I believe, cancer.   In any case, I'm talking about clothes, not face. 
I don't like McCain but thinks he dresses pretty well - including the black loafers. His suits arguably fit better than Obama's, though Obama's slimmer figure means he usually looked better.
  I wouldn't have noticed a year ago, before I started reading SF.  It's wrecked me.
  Not Park Avenues.   From http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2012/12/The-Definitive-Body-Language-Analysis-of-Barack-Obama-Taking-Mitt-Romneys-Concession-Call   And work/play      From http://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/8247638353/sizes/h/in/set-72157632181564328/
Here's the look you should go for. If they don't allow that, screw 'em! U S A ! U S A  ! U S A !
Yay!  Ghost write that letter! Sign it "Thomas Jefferson"! In big letters so even the Queen in England can read them!!! Or Stalin in his grave.
I like knit ties a lot, but they work best with fairly "preppy" looks - button-down collar shirts, blazers and chinos.   Am coming to like wool ties as well.
Me or him?   Mine's a little too tight for sure...
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