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  Bulgari Black, Bulgari Green Tea, Bulgari Red Tea.  
  Even with lining/sweat guards those part will get sweaty.I'm not saying the sweat goes through the suit to the outside, but that parts of the suit, such as the lining under the arms and around the butt get sweat into them, which can't be good w/o cleaning sometimes.   I walk and take subways to work and also walk around my neighborhood and work neighborhood. The subway is air-conditioned, but the platform is not. Even in a summer suit it can get sweaty - this is New...
  This disturbs me. I sweat sometimes, especially if I'm wearing a suit outdoors in the summer, and sometimes sweat under my arms clearly gets through my shirts into my jackets - the inside of the jacket under the underarms is moist.   I understand not dry cleaning suits too often, but I do it once or twice a year.
Wilson is good. Reagan is good too - but not so much while in office. With JFK, people wanted to dress like him and still do. That's style.
""Trucker mouth""   Ouch.  He face is partially paralyzed from, I believe, cancer.   In any case, I'm talking about clothes, not face. 
I don't like McCain but thinks he dresses pretty well - including the black loafers. His suits arguably fit better than Obama's, though Obama's slimmer figure means he usually looked better.
  I wouldn't have noticed a year ago, before I started reading SF.  It's wrecked me.
  Not Park Avenues.   From   And work/play      From
Here's the look you should go for. If they don't allow that, screw 'em! U S A ! U S A  ! U S A !
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