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  Generally true, but the problem ethnic minorities (or at least blacks in America) face is that in many more "accomplished" fields/professions there are not other people of the same ethnic background, so they're one of the few people of that background in the profession.  And so it's only a part of "themselves" that is there - I'm not an Ivy League-educated nonprofit leader first and a black person second. I'm both.   Baronbvp I know you mean well and are a nice guy, but...
  I ordered from the website on December 26, got shipping confirmation email on the 27th and most of it on arrived on the 28th. Regular shipping.   One item was out of stock so is coming later.   I'm in New York City (close to 346 Madison, not that that helps).
  Not at Century 21, but online try Lands End shirts on sale or with their coupons
Wondering how an ecru dress shirt would look on me - tend to nazy blazers at work, sometimes a blue or gray suit.  Skin is medium brown or a little lighter.   Any thoughts?
  This.     I have one pair like that. Paid a little too much for them (just over $100) but I'd buy them again if I could get them cheaper. Not at full price.
Suits, even a solid navy or dark gray, needn't look stuff if paired with fairly aggressive patterned shirt - a check or gingham or strong tattersall.   I don't wear suits everyday (office is business casual and I'm one of the few with a jacket and tie most days) but in addition to a wool navy and gray suits, I've got summer cotton suits in tan and blue that are fun, a seersucker and pincord that look like seersucker, and a linen suit. These need not be stuffy either...
  It partially depends on the times.  With many people wearing huge watches, what used to look "right" now might look a little small.  Particularly for casual watches.   It also depends on the size of the wrist. 
  Yes.   Plus since this sounds like a fairly senior position you're almost certainly going to have follow-up interviews.  Start getting ready with a second suit so you don't have to rush things for those.
    Button-down shirts may be more common in the US than other places, but dress shirts with regular spread or point collars are fine. There is not need to switch to button down collars. And button down collars are more informal.   Whether what you wear is appropriate depends on your position and company. I think you need to ask if wearing a suit is common where you work.
  You need eight - each of those above with nickel/silver and gold/brass trim to watch different watches and eyeglasses. MINIMUM.
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