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    I don't know what Diamond Supply or Supreme are, but there's a look that slightly bridges those two worlds - mainly by black men such as the guys behind http://streetetiquette.com/  The "problem" with this look, to me, is that it seems to be trying very hard.
  What is a $10K watch without a mechanical movement? Do you mean a quartz movement or something else?
  Probably right about exclusivity. And a little pathetic to care about it that much.
Just to be pedantic, I wouldn't call that a messenger bag.  Messenger bags are cloth - canvas or cordura or something like that.  I'm speaking as a former bike messenger.  And *working* messenger bags have lighter colored-interiors so it's easier to see what's inside.   Nice-looking bag though - at least the design. 
  Maybe other guys, or at least guys who are into fashion, but I'm doubtful most women care much at all.  An obviously cheap watch might look bad, but there are $90 quartz watches that the vast majority of people will think "nice watch", if they notice it at all.
Really nice update.   One other comment - I wish the default font was larger, or there was an option for that.  For old guys like me, it's annoying to put on glasses to read onscreen.
  Generally true, but the problem ethnic minorities (or at least blacks in America) face is that in many more "accomplished" fields/professions there are not other people of the same ethnic background, so they're one of the few people of that background in the profession.  And so it's only a part of "themselves" that is there - I'm not an Ivy League-educated nonprofit leader first and a black person second. I'm both.   Baronbvp I know you mean well and are a nice guy, but...
  I ordered from the website on December 26, got shipping confirmation email on the 27th and most of it on arrived on the 28th. Regular shipping.   One item was out of stock so is coming later.   I'm in New York City (close to 346 Madison, not that that helps).
  Not at Century 21, but online try Lands End shirts on sale or with their coupons
Wondering how an ecru dress shirt would look on me - tend to nazy blazers at work, sometimes a blue or gray suit.  Skin is medium brown or a little lighter.   Any thoughts?
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