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  Yeah. Though the best color undershirt under a dress shirt that is a bit see-through varies a little depending on color of skin. I'm a black guy, not super-dark, and white is a fail under light colored shirts.  Medium gray is good and black tolerable.      Also, a few "summer" pants, such as light-colored linen pants or shorts,may be a bit see-through..
  I expect to be buried in nice shoes, so I might as well sleep in them now.
    You sound like an ass.  If you wear suits like a second skin, keep wearing them. That's who you are. Let people know who you are. Flaunt your pens and watches. That's fair warning to them.
I think we'd need to know the color of the jacket.   Absent that, gray pants, white shirt works with almost anything.
"Is this this too far?"   No.
Seersucker suit, white dress shirt (or perhaps pink if you're really bold) and tie is a good "hi-pop" New England summer look.  The shirt can be button-down or straight collar.     No way should you wear a vest instead of a jacket to a wedding like this.
Done.   Hoping you will share results here.
  This is a really good approach. NYC is a great place to buy clothes, so there's not need to stock up in advance.
  Clothes like I described or like in the picture you posted, but without the sweater (and tie).  Though perhaps the sweater would be OK if it's air-conditioned inside.
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