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"Is this this too far?"   No.
Seersucker suit, white dress shirt (or perhaps pink if you're really bold) and tie is a good "hi-pop" New England summer look.  The shirt can be button-down or straight collar.     No way should you wear a vest instead of a jacket to a wedding like this.
Done.   Hoping you will share results here.
  This is a really good approach. NYC is a great place to buy clothes, so there's not need to stock up in advance.
  Clothes like I described or like in the picture you posted, but without the sweater (and tie).  Though perhaps the sweater would be OK if it's air-conditioned inside.
  Maybe I'm wrong about the ties - I haven't been in a class at NYU.  But just go with stuff like in your picture (many outfits - at least 4-5 dress shirts, 2-4 pants, 2-3 sweaters and a couple pairs of shoes. So you have a bunch of combinations. Maybe a couple polo shirts.   If you see other kids with ties, add them  - that's easy.  I wouldn't wear one the first few days at school. It'll also be hot in NYC in September.
The photos Kaplan shows look great. Just because many people wear baggy polo shirts as part of bad overall looks doesn't mean polos are inherently bad.  Great informal piece of clothing when done right.
I don't see a tie being appropriate for an undergraduate student in any college in the US except at a special event, such as a presentation at a conference, a job/internship interview, or some social event with professors. Not for regular class and not for hanging out. I guess it sort of could be used as a sort of costume saying "I'm dressed up." Which isn't really a style thing.   If you want to look put together - dress slacks or nice khakis or corduroys or nice...
  I can tie the FIH in my sleep because I learned it as a schoolboy.   Recently tried the Pratt knot, and I liked the result, but was almost disturbed by its simplicity.
New Posts  All Forums: