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  Culture is shared beliefs and actions.  If you don't mind being outside the culture, or can handle it, then do so. If it bothers you that you are outside, then don't be outside. Or go to the edge of the culture - dressing slightly nicer but not totally differently.
For cheap shirts, Land's End on sale is pretty good if they fit you. See if you can sign up for their mailing list to get their discount codes. Don't ever buy their stuff at full price.  You should be able to get dress shirts for around $30 or less from them that way.   The fit can be a little blousy. I'm 160 pounts, 38 suit jacket, 32" or 33" waist, and 15.5" neck and their 15.5" neck "trim fit" shirts are a little loose on my body. Tolerable under a jacket, but not...
  Nor mine.   I suspect that when non-iron shirts started, they were worse in feel and breathability, etc. but are better now. This allows the snobs to perpetuate the idea that they are bad. Maybe some still are, but I have non-iron shirts from Brooks Brothers and Land's End I like a lot.  For important uses I'll sometimes still iron a bit - particularly the collars.
His recent ads were so good - the mood, tone of voice, sense of caring he offered and confidence you'd get from dressing well.  Superb.
  I like the colors, though probably not in the summer. 
  I'm in New York with some influence in New England in how I dress.   So not what you asked for but:   I'd wear a solid-colored cotton or linen summer suit, with a gingham or tattersall dress shirt or dressy button-down collar shirt, and brown dress shoes or dressy loafers. Say tan suit and blue/white pattern shirt. Or blue suit and blue/white pattern shirt. Or maybe solid blue or pink shirt with either.   Perhaps, in some particularly pretty preppy places it might be a...
  Yeah. Though the best color undershirt under a dress shirt that is a bit see-through varies a little depending on color of skin. I'm a black guy, not super-dark, and white is a fail under light colored shirts.  Medium gray is good and black tolerable.      Also, a few "summer" pants, such as light-colored linen pants or shorts,may be a bit see-through..
  I expect to be buried in nice shoes, so I might as well sleep in them now.
    You sound like an ass.  If you wear suits like a second skin, keep wearing them. That's who you are. Let people know who you are. Flaunt your pens and watches. That's fair warning to them.
I think we'd need to know the color of the jacket.   Absent that, gray pants, white shirt works with almost anything.
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