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 I was hoping to like these shirts because they can be quite a bit cheaper than Brooks Brothers.  I got three on sale, at 30% off, but was also disappointed by the size of the armholes (and upper sleeves). 
I've always used a FIH, perhaps because it's what I learned when I was a boy. I think another name for it is the "schoolboy knot."  Never learned the others, though I've tried the Pratt knot a few times.   And I like the narrow, slightly askew look of the FIH.
 Yes. To the OP:  5'9" is not short. It's the low side of average.  Don't focus on your height. Yeah, I know it's easy for me to say that seeing as I'm a towering 5'10.5".  But you're not short.  You're not tall, but you're not short either.
 My family lives on MV and I guarantee there will be people looking great in blazers at this wedding, and more appropriate for the wedding/venue than dark business-looking suits. Proper dress depends on context as much as "rules."   counterfugue - what you suggest is fine. A blue blazer would work fine too - w/o the captains hat and club patch you won't look to Thurston Howell (though I suspect some older gentlemen at the wedding will have that look and look great). If it...
 This is really good. The other way black pants can work is going for the full "arty/designer look" - with all blacks and grays expect perhaps for a very muted color shirt (gray, dull blue, or white).
 The instructions were to wear a suit?
This is not strange - this is a normal feature of good leather.
I'm not a high-end guy, and have gotten compliments on cheap suits (Uniqlo) I've had tailored and that fit well. By average people here in New York City.   Also got compliments on suit I now think looks not-so-good, so maybe the people I know don't know much. But still.....
    I think try Macy's too - it is possible to get suits there for $250, especially if you look for sales on their website.  Also Lands End (yes, I know the people here will mock me - but   Four suits is a lot to buy at once - you could end up making a big mistake. I only have cheap suits ($200 to $500 so in your price range) and some I love (J Crew Aldridge, Uniqlo, Brooks Brothers) and...
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