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  I saw a beautiful woman, maybe 25-30yo, wearing the gold one of these on the subway in NYC today.
  That's beautiful.  Out of my range.  Beautiful.
  It's new. And old.  Scroll through to Clifford collar. http://blog.brooksbrothers.com/the-clothes/a-quick-guide-to-the-major-styles-you%E2%80%99ll-find/
  Where are you? Are you working on a ship at sea, or in a remote jungle or something?    If you get back to civilization, you may actually be able to have some of the batteries in those watches replaced. Or so I've heard.
    "I'm offended that you choose to wear a watch without a mechanical movement in it. It's a sign of disrespect."  Are you for real?
    Baloney. Snobby baloney.   Hmmm. Let's say I live to be 95 and I'm 45 now. That's 50 years left. So a $180 quartz watch that lasts 5 years with a couple battery replacements at $10/each is $2,000 over my lifetime. Or a $200 automatic about the same.   Or If I get a $80 quatz watch (which is what I'm wearing now) that's $1,000 over the rest of my life. If it lasts 10 years (which is possible) half again - though in practice I may just grow tired of the watch in 5 years.
  Don't go too extreme/formal in how you dress. At the most, you want to look like a well-dressed college kid and not an adult working in a business office.    Have the clothes look neat and fit you, and have nice, clean shoes (loafers or boat shoes or bucks maybe) or neat-looking sneakers (not clunky running sneakers). Nice chinos, dark jeans, maybe corduroy pants.   Avoid big logos/text on your clothes except for logos of your school/groups you belong to.   I think...
  I'm not a jeans guy myself, but a well-fitting pair of jeans can look better than a floppy set of chinos.
A bunch of guys in the same suit looks silly unless you're in the military or something.  Get the guys to dress well, with the same level of formality and perhaps even related colors. But the same? You'll look like a bunch of schoolboys.
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