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    Your comment implies he has been conscious, on some level, of how ill-fitting his clothes are. I don't think so - I think he just doesn't know or thinks they fit right.     Edited to add: I meant ill-fitting his suits are. I can't comment about this shirts. Also, this thread is not political. 
  Those are their traditional fit shirts, which are quite blousy and loose. I know you're getting them tailored, but there'd be less tailoring if you got their trim fit.   Also, if you're not going to wear a tie you can size down in LE shirts to get a tighter fit. I've got some 15x33 LE trim fit that fit similar to 15.5x33 Brooks Bros ESF.
  You can use braces if they don't have belt loops. That is an excellent look. 
  You think most American men have a suit as "good" (and I use that tern loosely) as Paul Ryan's?  They certainly don't have clothes as nice as what Obama or either of the Bush's wore on the campaign trail. 
  Yet another reason why true gentlemen only wear bespoke footwear.
  I saw a beautiful woman, maybe 25-30yo, wearing the gold one of these on the subway in NYC today.
  That's beautiful.  Out of my range.  Beautiful.
  It's new. And old.  Scroll through to Clifford collar. http://blog.brooksbrothers.com/the-clothes/a-quick-guide-to-the-major-styles-you%E2%80%99ll-find/
  Where are you? Are you working on a ship at sea, or in a remote jungle or something?    If you get back to civilization, you may actually be able to have some of the batteries in those watches replaced. Or so I've heard.
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