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    Well....I've got a Kenneth Cole watch and while I hate the brand in general, the watch looks really nice which is why I bought it. It's a cheap quartz in a nice design.
  Great info.   I've actually got two versions of a shirt I love - one in a 15 neck I wear without a tie both with and without a jacket, and on in a 16 I wear with a tie, under a jacket. Should get the latter tailored by I'm too cheap.
Is there a good resource on what these terms mean, perhaps comparing them?     birdseye herringbone hopsack nailhead sharkskin
  This is so nice looking.
  Well done mate!   Here's a great video about British sartorial style:
  Word.   I did OK with shoes, but not with shirts.
I haven't owned denim jeans for 20 years (46 years old now) -  just didn't like the feel of them.   But I have informal pants such as chinos and corduroys. Nothing wrong with jeans at the right time though, and I'm probably getting a pair soon.
    Is this band any good?
I've only been reading SF for a month of two and have already seen this question several times.  You could use the search function and add your question (if different) to existing threads.
I feel bad being too negative, but I got six times from thetiebar recently and returned several of them.  Of the two knit ties, one was quite nice and the other way to thin (in terms of knit - width was accurate) and flimsy.  The good one had "knarrow" in its name.   I'm not experienced with high-quality ties, and yet even I could notice one of these was not good.   I'll buy from them again - for the price their stuff is good.  But I plan on returning stuff I...
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