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  He could pay to replace the shirt.     That's inexcusable. Staples have chisel ends that can cut fibers. They're not like pins. 
  I love this - simple look, personal history.  Great.
Ask yourself this question: is a job interview a situation in which you want to wear acceptable clothing or optimal clothing?
"Any help much appreciated."   Don't take off your pants at work.   So you don't need new boxer shorts.   I just saved you money.   You're welcome.
  Not a moped. I ride in STYLE. Luxury brands.  MERCEDES BENZ or LEXUS *O*N*L*Y*.  In UK ROLLS is acceptable. I want to be next HermesMan.
Brooks Brothers makes shirts in ecru.
  Well, not everyone has access to yaks. I wear HUGO BOSS and wrap HUGO BOSS shirts around the outside of an automobile tire and roll the HUGO BOSS-wrapped tire down the street each day while I walk to work. A few weeks and the HUGO BOSS shirts are perfect.   I tried putting my HUGO BOSS shirts on tires *on* my car and going for a drive, but that tend to "over-distress" my HUGO BOSS shifts. Hand rolling HUGO BOSS shirts give you so much better control.   MikeDT, pnewelljr...
Nice. Very nice.
FlaneurNYC - No. Ken - Yes! Thanks - am checking with them on the width. I anyone else know of any it would greatly appreciated.
I'm looking for a tie with a paisley pattern such as on bandanas, with two colors (blue or red + white) or three (blue or red + black + white). Ideally around 3 inches wide or a little more.   Any ideas?
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