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Nice. Very nice.
FlaneurNYC - No. Ken - Yes! Thanks - am checking with them on the width. I anyone else know of any it would greatly appreciated.
I'm looking for a tie with a paisley pattern such as on bandanas, with two colors (blue or red + white) or three (blue or red + black + white). Ideally around 3 inches wide or a little more.   Any ideas?
  Yes, any of them. 
  Ludlows are canvassed? Are you sure? Damn, if true I wish J Crew would bring back the Aldridge with that construction. I love the one I have - fits me great - and would buy more.
  I have an J Crew Aldridge (slightly fuller cut than Ludlow) that I absolutely love. Bought about five years ago.  I went into a BR store recently to check out the suits and was not impressed - the ones I looked at felt stiff and boxy.  And I'm far below typical SF standards on suit quality - I have a Tommy Hilfiger suit that I like the feel of, for example.  So I'm pretty-easy to-please and BR did not do it for me.  But maybe it was just the store I was in.
  I just got a watch that looks a lot like this, though cheap/common enough to not belong in this thread: an Orient ER24004B "Bambino" automatic.
I have the same problem on some jackets and I think it's a sign they don't fit properly around my butt  (or that my ass is too big depending on how you want to look at it). Double-vented works a little better in general for me.
This is a good nautical look   http://www.revelation310.com/uploads/8/0/6/3/8063088/7273634.jpg   http://pdxretro.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/jim-b-gill-island_thumb.jpg
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