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  "Full suit"? Stop with the straw man arguments. Has anyone here said undergrads should walk around in full suits?   Second being worried about "looking gay" is kind of lame, and maybe a little bigoted. I know you're a kid, but grow up.  And also ask yourself, if anyone is ribbing you about looking gay, what kind of person are they?  And also are they male or female?         You need to stop taking your own insecurities and imagining other people are projecting them onto...
  I'm really curious about what school this is where people don't seem to care much about what they wear except when someone dresses better than they do - then they get noisy..
  The Uniqlo stuff I've bought (blazers, suit jackets and pants) are quite slim.  And I got two of my favorite suits there (I'm cheap and I know they are not high quality).
  And that's a problem?  If you want to look like everyone else, and they're all slobs, go ahead. I'd rather stand out.   Me, I don't believe in going over the top - a full suit and tie when everyone else is in hoodies is not good. But a patterned dress shirt or OCBD or button-front sport shirt, casual blazer and chinos (or dark jeans) plus, say, loafers is not over-the-top.  
If I found a new J Crew Ludlow wool suit for that price that fit me, I'd buy it.
  Strap out of proportion to watch. Knob awkwardly extended.
  Your school sounds lame.  Hated it? Tone it down? A sports coat?  I'm speaking from perspective of good east coast schools - if a sports coat is too much and your school isn't, say, on the beach somewhere, transfer.
    What AlexE said - almost everything will look good with that suit and a white shirt. I wore that, a fairly bright blue plaid tie (sky blue, dark blue, white and black) plus black shoes and belt to an event a few weeks ago and got props.   Jak123 - among the ties you have shiny red is not good in general.  Among the others I think all will work - go with whatever looks dressiest.  Maybe the maroon won't be so good due to the gold. The solid black will look OK but be a...
  I'm digging all of this, esp the comment above.
  Very good point.
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