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  The New York City store is two buildings over from my office and opened about 12 days ago. I haven't been in yet.
Can you explain what this rule is exactly?
And theknottery.com
  It depends on if the attendance was optional and how common such events are for this guy in the course of work.   If such an event is not common, and the invitation is optional, then he should just decline to go.   If it's not common and participation is required, then an argument could be made he should be reimbursed.   If such as event is very common for work, and it's expected he should go, then a tuxedo would simply be considered normal work clothes he buy...
Mine are dress shirts with sleeves too short.  And a Tommy Hilfiger suit that's too strong in the shoulders.  I know TH gets dissed here a lot for low-quality, but the price was right and apart from the shoulders it looks good on me.  
  Are you spamming? Or do you really think a place that doesn't seem bothered to offer shirts in less than 2-inch variations in sleeve length is good?   I think it's spamming.
  Interesting to learn that - thanks for the info.
  You keep sounding like a bigot to those of us who are gay. Or have gay loved ones and friends.Is that "PC"? -- not liking something that describes us or our loved ones in a pejorative way?  OK, then I'm "PC."   So keep using the term and keep sounding like a bigot. Heck, maybe you are a bigot. I don't know, but your continued use of gay as an insult makes you sound like it.   That's your problem. 
  Find a better word and you'll sound less bigotty.   EDIT: I just went through 20 pages on that site you linked to and didn't see any guy in a business suit, let alone a casual sports jacket.  W T F are you talking about?
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