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The security guard impression is most likely the more of these it hits: quality of the clothes is poor, the fit is long or baggy, the shoes clunky, the shirt is a medium or french blue solid color, or the person wearing them (in the US at least) is black. I'm black BTW. If you're doing it with well-tailored clothes, an interesting patterned shirt (or a pink shirt perhaps), and/or a nice tie and nice shoes, it's less likely to look that way. In other words, if you dress...
I've done it with textures/materials that are obviously different.
Dressy suit, dress shirt, tie if it was me. Maybe a tuxedo if I had one.
 Not at all sure about that - I've been in many situations travelling with women friends I'm not romantically involved with where one or both of us has no pants on around the other, such as puttering around a hotel room, etc. EDITED to add: And for me, in those situations, nice boxers in a dark color seem best.
 I read somewhere that he wears Cole Haan or Allen Edmonds and has just two pairs which he alternates (and gets re-soled). Ah, here it is
 I don't think business dress during the peak of Hurricane Sandy would have been appropriate. Back to business dress -- Bloomberg was the key speaker at an event I organized earlier this year (and also did all graphics and signage for) and he looked good to me in person. Not flashy but just very put together. I think that comes through in this image: Dinkins was at the same event...
Funny video. I had a bunch of pants made like that in China years ago - what are nowadays called "Go to Hell" pants.  Got some material at the local fabric shop, and gave a tailor the fabric and a pair of chinos I liked to copy.
  I have Brooks Brothers non-iron (ESF) and Land's End non-iron (tailored fit, not the newer slim fit) and they perform the same in terms of not needing ironing for me - they look OK after a cold wash and moderate drying. It seems important to not over-dry and also to take the out of the dryer right away. In fact, I often take them out when they're a little damp and let them air-dry overnight.  Turns out well. My dryer is a condensation-type, which may help as well - it's...
A black suit is just not right for this.
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