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If you try to look aggressive and powerful with something as unsubtle as that "suit," you'll end up looking like you're TRYING to look aggressive and powerful.  Which tends to backfire as far as "powerful" goes.
Where are people wearing tuxedos for business?
I've only worn them for a few minutes (got this tuxedo a few weeks ago and haven't used it yet) but the pants happen to just fit me and seem to stay up fine without a belt. They don't seem too tight.   I have other pants that work that way - sometimes I'll forget to put a belt on when heading to work and they don't see to fit badly.
I have knit ties from the Tie Bar, Land's End, the Knottery and some other places. The Tie Bar ones vary in quality -- all are thin but some are thin in a a good way - well-built and summery/light.  Some are just thin and loose and I returned the immediately. Land's End is higher quality but I don't like the the structure of the one I have - just personal preference. The Knottery one is clearly higher quality, though it didn't come with a keeper loop in the back, which...
Why always braces? My pants seem to stay fine without them, so why should I wear them?
Don't wear any of them. Get solid-colored or slightly patterned underwear in the style you like.
The security guard impression is most likely the more of these it hits: quality of the clothes is poor, the fit is long or baggy, the shoes clunky, the shirt is a medium or french blue solid color, or the person wearing them (in the US at least) is black. I'm black BTW. If you're doing it with well-tailored clothes, an interesting patterned shirt (or a pink shirt perhaps), and/or a nice tie and nice shoes, it's less likely to look that way. In other words, if you dress...
I've done it with textures/materials that are obviously different.
Dressy suit, dress shirt, tie if it was me. Maybe a tuxedo if I had one.
 Not at all sure about that - I've been in many situations travelling with women friends I'm not romantically involved with where one or both of us has no pants on around the other, such as puttering around a hotel room, etc. EDITED to add: And for me, in those situations, nice boxers in a dark color seem best.
New Posts  All Forums: