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  I think they may have been taken over by Leather Spa, but could be mistaken.
  I'm in NYC -- any recommendations on someone reputable? Leather Spa perhaps?
Looking to shine up the plaintoe balmorals for a black tie event this weekend. Any suggestions? Can I take them to a cobbler and have them "spit shine" them?
  Yep figured as much. 
  Can you elaborate on this? Go see who/where? I was looking to purchase a couple of Kent Wang suits, but am not confident in my ability to tweak the sample on my own. Does Kent have a tailor in NYC that he recommends for this purpose? What's the process? Thanks.
  Pierre of Paris that is. Apologies for double post. Thought I quoted the above in the last post. Awesome tailor.
I second (or third) this. Took a tuxedo to him last week. He does amazing work. [Pierre]
  Hope it continues to work out for you. They're more durable than the label gives them credit for. I usually send them out to my laundry guy and they come back fine.
Just received my first *real* pocket square from KW. Never imagined there could be such a dramatic difference in the quality/craftsmanship of one company versus another in this area, but I am a convert. Thanks Kent.
Uniqlo.   This:   The grey color will show less through white shirts or other light colored shirts than white.
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