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Sounds like you need to visit the tailor thread. Or you could skip the thread and go see Pierre.  
Turns out return is still available. FWIW Mr. Porter's customer service is excellent.    If someone wants to take it off my hands PM me ASAP before I send it back.
I ordered a Canali blazer during the last Mr. Porter sale @ 70% off. I finally got around to taking it to my tailor and learned to my dismay that it would cost more than I'd like to spend to have it tailored properly (as its a bit big on me all over). Mr. Porter's return policy is 14 days and I'm well past that so I figured I'd offer it up here before biting the bullet and having it tailored.    Mr. Porter's measurements...
  In general, yeah he's definitely high end. That said, I'm constantly amazed by his attention to detail and have not regretted bringing anything to him (or paying the prices). Really outstanding tailor, and a great guy too. 
Thanks. I'd prefer the standard look myself. As I said, I feel asymmetric wearing it. We'll see if anything can be done.
  To clarify, you're saying the button should be at the line of the pocket, or alternatively the pocket could be above the button, but it's not "standard" to have the pocket below the button as on my jacket?
I just received a MTM suit I had ordered, and I was hoping to have some people weigh in on whether the jacket is balanced. IMO, the flap pockets seem roughly a half inch too low. On all of my other jackets the flaps are at the second button. I feel asymmetrical because these are below the bottom button. I'm 6' 1" FWIW. What do you think?             
Slightly offtopic but didn't want to start a new thread -- I remember reading a fantastic post on tie/suit/shirt color coordination on here but search is yielding nothing. Would be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of that definitive guide.   Some more details to hopefully add some more clarity: I'm not referring to the "on pattern coordination between jackets/shirts/ties" post. If memory serves it was more which ties work well with charcoal versus...
    The construction is excellent. I'm working on trying to get my measurements sorted out (took it to a bespoke tailor who was extremely impressed with construction to help out with the measurements). I can't comment on the timeline or the finished product, but the sample suit is very well constructed.
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