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Yes, My couple year old black cordo's in direct sunlight.  
I washed my SK's, made from the same denim, around a year and they didn't fade that much at all; you know, inside out cold handwash.
Wish these were a half size smaller
Holy mackerel those are beauties
Anyone know who made these Alan Mcafee's??  Any help would be appreciated.        
Kai, that is nice man!
Picked these up at a local thrift store and I am looking for info on them such as year and shoe maker. They are size 42D 10. The stamp on the insole is so faint you can barely see it but it has the polo player and says Alan Mcafee with London W.I. below that.  I wanna sell them to fund my boot habbit but am not sure what to value them at.   Thanks in advance  
Thanks @HisAirness32       Alden for LeatherSoul Hawaiin Stompers
Here are my 3 month old RT Dark Stanton.  Worn about 4 days a week.  
dbl Indigo workshirt.   
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