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I received an order of a couple ties (solid grenadine and pindot) and a pocket square about a week ago and I'm quite impressed. The ties feel nice and make good knots/dimples, and the pocket square has nicely rolled edges, everything to the dimensions I asked.
Hi David,   I'm looking to get a tie like Bruce Wayne's here, in both colour and texture:   As I know little about ties, could you advise me on type of tie and fabric/colour? For me, the colour looks like Cadbury milk chocolate except a few shades darker.   Thank you
Anyone have experience getting AE laces in Canada? I want some 24" replacement laces (These but the minimum $30 shipping seems excessive for $2 laces...
Thanks Tequila Jay, I'll check them out sometime! Can anyone else comment on Eddies or make any other recommendations? Also, at the guys at Eddies really that good/experienced? One thing that I saw on their website that makes me more hesitant is they recommend black or navy for a first suit, but I always thought black was a poor choice eg. compared to charcoal because it is too formal and less versatile, esp. for a work setting.  
Hello Edmontonians! Any life left in this thread? I'm in Edmonton for the next while and was wondering if i could get any recommendations on where/how i could buy a good suit? I'm quite short so I'd want made-to-measure since off the rack suits don't fit well, and for price I'm thinking ~$1200 or less.   I did some searching and read through most of this thread and it doesn't seem Edmonton has much to offer, so I wouldn't mind buying from a company located elsewhere...
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