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Can you please post measurements (sleeve, chest, shoulders) for the size 15 brown check shirt? Is the item NWT?
I strongly encourage you to post pictures anyways, since the shade of red might be different from this current season's offerings.
Wow, I missed out on a rare size 36 jacket. Did you say that the last item (brown vest) would be available in a small?
What are the waist measurements on both trousers? Are they true 32's? Could they possibly work on a 30 inch waist?
[quote]They both look like slobs in that picture. Obama has the better frame for wearing a suit but the fabric looks terrible and I always hate the cut of his suit's lapels. He needs a complete suit makeover - the cut of his suits on the campaign trail were horrendous and unpresidential. Both of them are totally out of their league next to modern Putin and Medvedev dress./QUOTE] Is this sarcasm???
I received both squares in the mail today, and they are beautiful. Thanks chorse!
Could you perhaps post length measurements? Maybe measure it from the base of the neck (not the top) to the bottom of the waist area. I am tempted by this sweater, but I want to make sure it isn't too short for me in the torso. I normally wear either a S or a M (depending on whether its Polo or Purple Label).
Would you call the trousers dark navy? How dark of a shade is the blue?
PM sent for numbers two and thirteen.
If you can get the solid brown corduroy vest in a small, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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