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PM sent on Bias bar.
PM sent regarding the Rotunda cufflinks.
I would add the Cadillac Escalade to the list of automobiles for douchebags - especially when they are equipped with 22 inch chrome rims.
For a family of 5, the C63 (and the rest of the C class lineup) is quite small. Why not get an E class with more room?
Could you post the measurements of the white Borrelli vintage shirt?
The staff in Borrelli San Francisco are always very nice.
Yes, if you can get those cords, NWT in a 46 (US 30) waist, I would be interested.
If only those Borrelli cords were a 46...
In your measurement posting, please include the waist, knee and cuff measurements for the brown Borrelli jeans. Thanks!
PM sent about brown check shirt.
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