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Wow, you guys are all pretty critical of this movie! I mostly enjoyed the movie, and found it remarkable how Clint could still appear menacing and intimidating even at his advanced age. Perhaps I am just not the best judge of acting ability, but what makes everyone believe that the next door brother and sister could not act? Is it that they were acting beside such an iconic movie star like Eastwood? Or, did they really do a poor job acting? What constitutes good and...
Could you post measurements for the Thom Browne shirt?
I can't believe this is a "company" car :-)
I agree with Tarmac; when I saw the first image, the word "Hyundai" popped into my mind.
I understand that all Robert Talbott cufflinks (even the less expensive ones) are made of sterling silver, however, a close inspection of one of my less expensive Talbott pairs (those with the "T" embossed), revealed the absence of any sort of stamp. I always thought sterling silver was supposed to be stamped, and that this differentiated, for example, a sterling silver pair of cufflinks from a silver plated pair. Can anyone shed light on this? If the less expensive...
Is the Borrelli NWT?
Has anyone seen the pricier links at TJ Max in the more expensive looking wood mahogany boxes? I always thought the upper tier links (those embossed with the Talbott crest) came in this style of box. I know many of these sold through the likes of Nordstrom still come with the mahogany boxes. Either way, they are beautiful, but I am just curious as to how they ended up in the orange leather boxes.
I am interested in the "Spots" - could you please take some better pictures of that set, because discerning color is very difficult. Thanks!
If I am not mistaken, the cheaper ones ($195) are also sterling silver.
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