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P.M. sent for number one.
The Woodsman, starring Kevin Bacon. It was a great film, but very disturbing and sad.
Does the top work have a title? I'd call it Embrace. It is my favorite of the batch.
Wrong forum if you ask me.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Well, cutaways are pretty rare, and I tend to think that alone draws attention to a place I don't want it. But I also think the dramatic contrast between the skinniness of my neck and the severe angle of the collar only underscores how skinny my neck is. It's the Laurel and Hardy effect. The attributes of one magnifies the attributes of the other. Some of it's just personal taste, too. I agree with you about...
Quote: I don't wish to draw more attention to my neck. Also, I think it's quite possible for a shirt collar to become the focal point of an outfit, and I don't find that desirable at all. I see, however, what makes you think that a non cutaway will necessarily draw less attention to your neck? One of the things I love about cutaways, is that they look wonderful worn unbuttoned sans tie, because of the way the collar is tapered back. This...
Quote: I have a couple fairly severe spreads, but my neck is really too skinny to wear them. Can't imagine going the whole cutaway. I mostly wear cutaways, and I have a fairly long, 15 inch neck. I don't understand how one could have too skinny of a neck to wear a cutaway collar. It would seem that, the skinnier the neck, the greater the need for a cutaway collar.
1. suit - 800 2. shirt - 400 3. pair of pants - 325 4. pair of shoes/boots - 400 5. pair of socks - 30 6. coat - 200 7. tie - 130 8. square - 30 9. odd jacket - 150 0. watch - 100 a. bag - 75 b. pair of cufflinks - 150 c. t-shirt - 30 d. belt - 50
Yes, I am also interested in the Barney's corduroy cotton jacket - please post measurements, thanks!
PM sent to gambling about the Borrelli shirt.
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