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Great, thanks. I will repost there.
I've recently begun wearing Converse Jack Purcell sneakers, but I'm stuck regarding the proper belt to wear with these shoes. I have a couple pairs - light grey and navy blue, but no matching belts for them. Converse doesn't seem to make colored canvas belts, and I'm wondering what other forum members wear for belts when they don their Converse sneakers. I'd think a canvas or braided belt would be appropriate, but I can't seem to find the right colors. My only other...
Wow, those Fray shirts are quite rare! PM sent regarding the small Borrelli button down bengal stripe.
PM regarding C1.
That first Borrelli jacket is sublime - too bad it isn't a 46EU :-(
Can you post dimensions for the tattersall shirt? (chest, shoulder, sleeve)
Greetings everyone: I've found a nice looking pair of red cotton trousers by Luigi Borrelli on ebay, however, while the trousers are NWT, they have a smeared black spot on the pant leg that has been disclosed by the seller. I've asked the seller to speculate what the mark is (and if he thought it was removable), and while he has refused, I am sure it is probably ink. As per my request, he sent me a close up photo of the mark. Do you think it is ink? If so, does it...
Does it come with the original black lacquer Talbott box?
PM sent.
These are quite beautiful! PM sent on number 1! Can anyone with experience wearing Cucinelli sportcoats comment on their fit?
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