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I would recommend staying with the same size. Maybe consider sizing up if you're a) in between sizes as in or b) going to be wearing a jacket under it >50% of the time.
Ben - How do the Bella Spalla Flannels fit (specifically around the seat and thigh) as compared to your Benjamin trousers? 
Ben - Do you have the measurements of your shirts handy (specifically 15 and 15.5) they don't seem to be coming up on the website. Thanks! 
No, mine did not. 
Ben, how pronounced is the blue in the slate blue sport coat? What colors would you recommend pairing it with?
Pretty sure they were Classico II 32s. I'm wondering if mine stretched out significantly over time and it was more of a fabric thing
Ben,   I recently ordered a pair of classico II trousers and found them to be significantly tighter (in both the seat and legs) than the prior cut - did you change the model significantly?
Get new friends? 
Remember that these orders are from a newly released outlet website that isn't even fully open to the general public (See: Earlyaccess). Go figure it's a bit quirky. 
They seem to have two big launches (Spring/summer and F/W lines) and then leak new releases fairly randomly throughout the season. 
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