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Pretty sure they were Classico II 32s. I'm wondering if mine stretched out significantly over time and it was more of a fabric thing
Ben,   I recently ordered a pair of classico II trousers and found them to be significantly tighter (in both the seat and legs) than the prior cut - did you change the model significantly?
Get new friends? 
Remember that these orders are from a newly released outlet website that isn't even fully open to the general public (See: Earlyaccess). Go figure it's a bit quirky. 
They seem to have two big launches (Spring/summer and F/W lines) and then leak new releases fairly randomly throughout the season. 
Well... This thread turned into a outlet logistics complaining group. C'mon guys..
Read back a couple hundred posts. Tons of coverage on that exact question... 
Got the grey 100% wool a few weeks back. Quality seems to be better than the other options in the price range (J. Crew, Bonobos, Department Store, etc.) and the wool is really nice/soft. I'm certainly no expert but would recommend to this point. Button cuffs are functional - not that it really matters on a topcoat.. 
Dude, 130 pages of this stuff. Search in the thread. 
Anyone have a top coat from this season? Thoughts on warmth/ thickness?
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