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  And sizes, damn, it's literally impossible to find these pants in a longer inseam. 
Trying to visit SF on Tapatalk crashes the app on iPhone, I can't seem to get it to work despite reboots and restarting the app.   Anyone else having this problem?
Anyone have an alternative to Dockers Alpha Khakis? They fit great but they're too short, I can't find 33x34 inseam anywhere. 
  When you say you measured your waist did you get a tape measure and go around your waist or did you just measure another pair of pants you had?   Also the STs look good, I'll probably go the SL's myself though.    Did you get them hemmed? 
Another sizing question here, I wear a size 31 APC NS, and I have a pair of Nudie Grim Tims size 32, and I wear 33 Dockers.     If I take a tape measure and measure where I normally wear my pants its 36 inches.    Does anyone know what size I should be ordering for the SL-100x? 
New Posts  All Forums: