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$500 for those? No thanks. That money could be MUCH better spent elsewhere (with some change)
Brand new, no box. Only tried on indoors. Retailed for $368. SOLD!Thanks!
Another bump and a price drop....probably taking them in this weekend...
and ANOTHER drop...
Acne white oxford? Size 50.
Has the 45rpm been washed? Great buy...just a little too big...maybe a shrink might help...
WTF? From the same place I used to buy APC and 5EP from? ugggggghhhhhh
Price on the sammies?
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint weird....wha happan to the yellow stitching? Maybe the newer models had tonal stitching...? Quick bump...some interest but no bites...
Agreed. Very disappointing. Oh well, life goes on... [plug] Speaking of BoO sweatpants, I have a size Large that I am looking to get rid of...it is a dark charcoal color. Holla if you are interested!
New Posts  All Forums: