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^ Thanks! Another price drop on the AWs....
The Loehmann's on La Cienega (LA) has a handful of Naked and Famous Weird Guys in the greenish-tinge for $50. Sizes range from 28-30 though.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 But then consider that if there were no discount and the shirt weren't 3 for $199. How much would pay then with tax and shipping? You should calculate the savings from that price as lmao implied. So really, a person doesn't just save $2.50. That makes sense. The $2.50 example just applied to my situation, in which I was only purchasing one shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong uhhh because normally you wouldnt pay shipping and tax on their site? I apologize heavily sir, I am not accustomed to ordering off of the Brooks Brothers Webstore. I'm just making a point that the appeal of 25% off would lead a person (well, I guess not you) to hope to save more than $2.50 off the grand total. I would rather pay a bit more & try on a item in the store (forgo the hardship of a...
Wow...after the 25% off + shipping + tax, I ALMOST save a whopping $3. FYI, it applies to sale items.
One of the watchers on the 'bay. Don't know if I'll pull the trigger though...I'm broke!
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Brooks Brothers Friends & Family Sale 25% off Code: Friend1A A good time to get some Extra Slim Fit Shirts, 25% off is stackable to their 3 for $199 deal. Off of sale item too I presume?
selvedge? Not too familiar with Diors. Just curious.
Are the quick release belts also on sale? Do you still make them?
Common Projects BBall Hi, size 42. Used but with LOTS of life left. The blemishes in the 3rd pic down are on the inside. No box. SOLD!
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