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Price drops on the EG jackets and SS shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Fred Segal Santa Monica now up to 2/3 off Checked it out today...just to clarify: Fred Segal MAN is 50% off Fred Segal TREND is 50% off, buy 3 items and get 2/3 off Fred Segal FINERY has some items for 50% off, some for buy 3 get 2/3 off
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Fred Segal Santa Monica now up to 2/3 off haha didn't it start its 50% this weekend? Moving quickly...
A khaki workshirt is in the mix now? This is great - I'm loving the amount of solid color workshirts this season. Now if someone would just show us a pic of the red chambray...
no XL/XXL Great shirts though.
Just saw your post PG2G...disregard mine!
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G I don't know what Fred Segal Santa Monica stocks anymore (haven't been in like a year), but their private sale begins today. 50% off Do you know if it is a straight 50% off, or if it is a 'buy 3 (or 5) items and get 50% off' deal like they usually start with? Quote: Originally Posted by praguewatermelon Does it require that you have some sort of private invite? No invite required.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Self Edge x Toyo = SEXT11 (Jungle Cloth / Denim Lined Pockets / 5-Pocket / Soft Inside, Hard Outside) Late October.. Any word on the latest...?
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Well, I will admit I was mostly looking at Nigel Cabourn online, which was 50% off yesterday, and 70% off today. True...I went back and noticed that NC was 70% off...but not any of the things that I wanted
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Looks like Opening Ceremony just dropped stuff to 70% off today. I got this: In-store or online? The online stuff doesn't reflect the sale...
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