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Dior 21cm/black raw/Made in Japan/tagged size 33. Only tried on...basically brand new. Purchased direct from the Dior store. $350 retail, SOLD!!!!!!. Measurements: Waist: 17.5" Inseam: 38" Leg opening: 8.5" Front rise: 10.5" Back rise: 15" Thigh: 12" Knee: 9.5"
Y'all know the deal with these Kicking Mule Workshop Rockers: made in Japan, Zimbabwean Cotton, red/blue selvedge, chainstitched, deer leather patch, blah blah blah. Hot soaked the waist in an attempt to shrink, cold soaked the rest. No noticeable fading/creasing. SOLD! THANKS! Measurements (BiG style): Waist: 17.5 Inseam: 34" Leg opening: 7.75" Front rise: 10.25" Back rise: 15.5" Thigh: 12" Knee: 9"
Quote: Originally Posted by bjan Going to Vegas on Thursday - how about the the Bellagio location? The Dior in Bellagio only stocks womens. Dior Homme is only available at the Wynn and Caesars...and a location at the Aria, but that doesn't open for a couple months.
pre sale (50%) now off at Dior stores...sale starts June 3rd. Picked up some raw black 21cm at Caesars' palace but i wnet to the dior store at the Wynn and they said the same pair wasnt on sale so i dunno what is gohng on. im drunk and fuking on sf. time to party VEEEGGGAASSS WOOOO
Sorry for the bother...I'm usually on the other side of the pond (streetwear) and I figure you guys are more suited (no pun intended...groan) to help me out... I'm heading to a semi-formal event and I'm having some problems (trying to dress up with a little color, as I'm assuming everybody is doing the black suit/black tie/white shirt combo) I'll be wearing: -"indigo stripe" colored blazer (close up of the color/pattern): -A light blue shirt (not powder blue,...
Quote: Originally Posted by CyanideDragon wouldn't sam beckett/quantum leap be more appropriate? maybe he went back and tried them on a couple of weeks ago, then leaped back 6 months and decide to buy, then came forward to let us know? It would be unlikely that he would leap into the same body/same pair of jeans though.
Or Bill S. Preston, Esq./Ted "Theodore" Logan
They look pretty good!
Glad that 45rpm shirt sold. Great price and my size. Nothing in paypal though =(
^ Thanks! Another price drop on the AWs....
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