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Price Drop To $100
Hit up Bloomies in SF this past weekend to see all EG for 40% off! But they had pretty slim pickins'. Was going to pick up a flannel and the olive fatigue pants but opted for some Gitman shirts instead. I kind of regret my decision. But not too much.
Those work trousers are effing badass. GARRRR I need some skrilla
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi My Ande's just exploded, I was climbing on to a chair to reach something in my closet and *rippppppp* medium sized crotch hole is now huge hole extending to back of leg. I really shoulda patched that hole when it was dime sized instead of letting it grow to like half the size of my back pocket. Hoping to get them repaired because I am not ready for these to die. These well dyed bitches are just starting to get dece...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I am going to do a really nice jean for the thicker leg man after the chinos launch! Mauro, just to clarify, do you mean there will be another MWAC x SF collabo in the future with a fuller leg? Or are you referring to a Wolf vs Goat pair?
These came out of nowhere! And releasing soon....geez. They look great. If I didn't have so many unworn pairs of jeans I would be 1st in line to get these guys Just wish the inseam was a bit longer...
What size would you say a 5 equates to? L-XL? Waiting for pics...thanks!
Madras workshirt Sold! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Rogue Territory Hey, thanks to those who came by to check my stuff out at AmRag this weekend...I'd love to hear some feedback now that some of you have seen it in person. I was fortunate enough to check out the stuff firsthand. It looks/feel fantastic. I fell in love with the work shirt, which will most probably be my first purchase from RT.
Those clearly aren't Red Wing boots.
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