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Trying with another price drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix what peacoat? Probably meant duffle.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira F'real, bi-annual starts on the 18th and anything remaining will get further markdowns Confused (and yes, I checked the previous posts)... are you talking about Nordstorms, MMM, or Barney's?
Fuck. Those Quoddys are mine (once I get paid )
Price drop! jeahhhh
Quote: Originally Posted by colin06 Does anyone know if there's anywhere I can buy this shirt? Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 It was from ss09 as well, so good luck finding it Picked mine up from Bloomies like last year for like $60 on clearance...I agree with the good luck in finding it...
I don't know if this helps... I'm 5'11", 190 lbs, athletic build (larger chest/shoulders) BoO XXL or XL, EG L, WWM L I got an XL in my Buzz Rickson sweatshirt and it fits great...a LITTLE on the short side but I was told they were meant to have that look. random Q...how do you wear a L in both BoO AND EG? They are sized so differently!
Kinda formal event... Jacket - Patrik Ervell Shirt - Spurr Tie - BoO Pants - John Bartlett Shoe - Rachel Comey
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc Nom De Guerre usually has discounts in the basement but now everything is 40% off. Big selection of Ervell, BoO, WWM, and (some) Common Projects. I'm sure the discounts will get larger as the weeks pass until everything is sold. They had these CP's in white/blue, white/black and the black/gum sole 'sambas'. Does anybody know what NdG's phone number is? So far I've called (many times): 212 253 2707 and ...
Quote: Originally Posted by socaldodger Is Crate still making jeans? I've called and sent emails many times and nothing. I've swung by SS as well and it's always closed. I need some jeans. Any info would be greatly appreciated. IIRC, it was mentioned on this board somewhere that SS moved to a larger location on Santa Fe...to like an old Fire Station or something. Unsure about the accuracy of this info though.
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