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WTF? From the same place I used to buy APC and 5EP from? ugggggghhhhhh
Price on the sammies?
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint weird....wha happan to the yellow stitching? Maybe the newer models had tonal stitching...? Quick bump...some interest but no bites...
Agreed. Very disappointing. Oh well, life goes on... [plug] Speaking of BoO sweatpants, I have a size Large that I am looking to get rid of...it is a dark charcoal color. Holla if you are interested!
^^^ When you are comparing them to KMW, are you referring to the 1980 or the Rocker?
Spurr Classic Leg Selvedge Denim. BNWT. Size 33. Retailed for $350. Asking $135 shipped. (If this is not sold by the the end of this week/early next week, I'm altering the hell out of them, FYI). The waist is 16.5", Inseam is 34"...if interested, I can get more measurements up. The below pics are from Farinelli's...just to show you the fit. These are not the jeans I am selling though; the below have contrast stitching. The fit is the same though.
uggghhhhhhh those are some tiny raw Rocker sizes =(
Quote: Originally Posted by anonymouschris if only these weren't hemmed +1...I get really excited when I see the post title, but then that horrible word hits me. HEMMED good luck with the sale, dude.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rogue Territory NEW RGT MODEL AVAILABLE AT SAN FRANCISCO AND LOS ANGELES AMERICAN RAG LOCATIONS!!! They retail for $160.00 Details- Denim: 13oz Redline Cone Selvage form North Carolina Fit: Slim Straight Hardware: 4 nickel branded rivets and 1 black branded rivet Branded button on waistband Selvage on fly and coin pocket Hidden bartacks on back pockets The fit is running true to size and...
Kiya - Through Google I found that SE used to carry The Flat Head models 3001 and 1001. Is there any chance of a restock? And what is the difference between the two?
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