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Unless it was mentioned and I missed it, Alta Dena Works (South Willard) will be represented there. Really thinking of making it out...but I would only be there 1-2 hours and I don't know if the ticket price it worth it.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I dropped by MAS back in Sept/Oct and they were supposed to give me a call when more ELC came in. Oh well. The SA at MAS said that Elc sold very well so they will be continuing to carry it, which is good for us LA people. Speaking of, is there a Elc stocklist floating around somewhere?
Flannel-lined denim jacket? I don't know if I'll need that in LA, but I think it looks fantastic. Caught the tail end of MAS boutique's Elc stock (I didn't know they carried it) and I was very impressed! But alas, my size was eaten up =/
Wow...I thought this was a joke. RIP...I was always inpressed with what he put out, and I love the pieces I own.
Quote: Originally Posted by alex99 Stopped by American Rag in SF yesterday and they had two fully stocked racks of EG in. I think they must have just put the clothes out since I saw full size runs in almost every piece (except blue chambray popover in size small was gone). They got a great selection, much better than last S/S, including workshirts in blue chambray, green, and the less common blue check open weave, NT Parka in Blue Chambray, floral...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Just for reference, you guys realize that "Kazuo" and "KZO" are both pronounced the same way (the latter), right? Really? I used to pronounce it Ka-Zoo-Oh...
Any word about another KZO x Unholy Matrimony collabo? I'm a big fan of the flannels.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis What Gant shirt? I tried on a Rugger oxford at Barney's today and it while it was as short as my Band oxfords it was nowhere near as slim and tapered. I can't speak to the other shirts as the gingham they had (which I liked the looks of) didn't have any of my size left. I can't answer this completely, but it wasn't part of the Rugger collection.
Whoa...$204 for the diamond dot shirt? What makes that one so special?
MOTHERFUCK I found this this afternoon and was going to buy the tan safari boots right now. Thats what I get for hesitating. =(
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