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Quote: Originally Posted by Jimmyleaf extra 20% friends and family? Is this still going on and do you need a coupon of some sort? It just started online if you use the code "HOLIDAY". In-store starts on 11/11, and you'll need a coupon...I'm sure it is readily available.
Quote: Originally Posted by turbozed I did too. Don't forget the extra 20% friends and family. Slim pickins indeed. Only thing in my size was a vest that was out of my price range even with the discounts. Please don't tell me that was on top of the 40%. The SA told me they were doing presales on F&F, but I assumed it applied to non-sale merchandise only.
One tote is gone and the other is back to $99
Price Drop To $100
Hit up Bloomies in SF this past weekend to see all EG for 40% off! But they had pretty slim pickins'. Was going to pick up a flannel and the olive fatigue pants but opted for some Gitman shirts instead. I kind of regret my decision. But not too much.
Those work trousers are effing badass. GARRRR I need some skrilla
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi My Ande's just exploded, I was climbing on to a chair to reach something in my closet and *rippppppp* medium sized crotch hole is now huge hole extending to back of leg. I really shoulda patched that hole when it was dime sized instead of letting it grow to like half the size of my back pocket. Hoping to get them repaired because I am not ready for these to die. These well dyed bitches are just starting to get dece...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I am going to do a really nice jean for the thicker leg man after the chinos launch! Mauro, just to clarify, do you mean there will be another MWAC x SF collabo in the future with a fuller leg? Or are you referring to a Wolf vs Goat pair?
These came out of nowhere! And releasing soon....geez. They look great. If I didn't have so many unworn pairs of jeans I would be 1st in line to get these guys Just wish the inseam was a bit longer...
What size would you say a 5 equates to? L-XL? Waiting for pics...thanks!
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