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Quote: Originally Posted by Rogue Territory Hey, thanks to those who came by to check my stuff out at AmRag this weekend...I'd love to hear some feedback now that some of you have seen it in person. I was fortunate enough to check out the stuff firsthand. It looks/feel fantastic. I fell in love with the work shirt, which will most probably be my first purchase from RT.
Those clearly aren't Red Wing boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Sorry for asking again, but any idea on pricing yet? These sound real good thus far. I would like to know as well...so I know how much to set aside on my paycheck. Money's getting tight!
Price Drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz Facially, a poor man's Zooey Deschanel Body-wise, I maintain that that green bikini pic is a 10. On the nose with the Zooey comment.
The Loehmanns @ the Bev Center had a crap load of selvedge black/greys for $99.
Quote: Originally Posted by office drone What do you think, overrated, or as good as hyped? I'm leaning towards the former... I was a fan...I would have been a bigger fan if they were a bit cheaper. The only comparable place LA (where I'm from) has is Wurstkuche, and I would rate Japadog higher. Sorry for the digression!
Chmabray Workshirt SOLD!
^ I think what he is trying to say is that Yoox is having a surprise 15% off a selection of the F/W collection.
Seriously. I was in Vancouver last week. Why couldn't cool stuff happen then? Dammit! At least I got to eat a Japadog. Wadddddddup
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