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Any word about another KZO x Unholy Matrimony collabo? I'm a big fan of the flannels.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis What Gant shirt? I tried on a Rugger oxford at Barney's today and it while it was as short as my Band oxfords it was nowhere near as slim and tapered. I can't speak to the other shirts as the gingham they had (which I liked the looks of) didn't have any of my size left. I can't answer this completely, but it wasn't part of the Rugger collection.
Whoa...$204 for the diamond dot shirt? What makes that one so special?
MOTHERFUCK I found this this afternoon and was going to buy the tan safari boots right now. Thats what I get for hesitating. =(
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil I get this all the time. It happened as recently as last Thursday. I get the Rock all the time from kids in my volunteer program. From adults, I get I don't agree with either one. But hey, I guess it is a compliment.
I got really excited when I spotted this thread...myself being Burmese I thought it would be a thread where other Burmese SFers would be able to talk about how there hardly any of us around and how sad it is that a lot of people have not even heard of the country (at least on my end). But I'll take what I can get! I really want to visit Burma...my parents all the way to my extremely white-washed cousins have been, and go every 1-2 years. I hear nothing but good...
UCLA, '04 BA Psychology Attended during the Steve Lavin (basketball coach) years =(
Is a more complete stockist list going to be available soon? Looking for the flower popover BDs...(I know Odin his one variation)
I own one Gant shirt and it fits on par with my Band shirts...slim and short(er). Love it.
LA: Denim Doctors on Beverly Rouge Territory on La Brea (in American Rag) I've used both services on crotch blowouts...both do a fantastic job, although I am now leaning towards Rouge Territory because their prices are better ($30 as opposed to $50 for a crotch blowout)
New Posts  All Forums: