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My fashionably clueless good friend has upgraded from calling me a "construction worker" to "Double R-L", after his visit to the RRL store on Melrose. So I wore my Wings + Horns Cowichan Sweater Vest (the pattrened one, not a solid color) to a bar and end up making out with this girl I met. Later that night she mentioned, "I like guys with a sense of humor. And if you can wear this (points to vest) and take yourself seriously, then I know you have a sense of humor"
Quote: Originally Posted by burningbright Heh. Let me know if you want to sell the XXL when you get it. Finding BoO in XXL is like panning for gold in the Chicago River. And I hate that BoO thinks a size 44 is an XXL. At 6'1 210 lbs I've got a large frame and I'm in great shape but they still want to make me feel like I'm a KFC-eating fat ass. Their pieces are quality but sometimes I can't help but imagine that a bunch smaller framed guys with...
Up first are EG cords, I think they came out in 07/08. Tagged size 34. Worn lightly and stored, never washed, great condition. Tan color. SOLD!. Waist - 17" Inseam: 32" Leg opening: 8" Another pair of EG cords. I think they came out in 07/08. Tagged size 34. Worn lightly and stored, never washed, great condition. Chocolate brown color. Asking $55 shipped. PRICE DROP Waist: 17" Inseam 32.5" Leg opening: 8" EG "Beacon" Pants. Same condition as the...
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora don't know if this was posted about already, but chicken shack has some ss10 up.. including the floral popover.. Do any US stockists carry the above floral popover? I've even tried some Japanese sites and it isn't available Any help? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by flyindarkness any reliable source of when the next markdown at barneys will be? SA told me in 2-3 weeks...but he didn't seem too sure himself.
Trying with another price drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix what peacoat? Probably meant duffle.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira F'real, bi-annual starts on the 18th and anything remaining will get further markdowns Confused (and yes, I checked the previous posts)... are you talking about Nordstorms, MMM, or Barney's?
Fuck. Those Quoddys are mine (once I get paid )
Price drop! jeahhhh
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