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PRICE DROP! Now $70 a pop
^ Qft
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz they had two ugly ones--one of them was brown with green stripes o_0 there was a navy one i liked, dark navy with red contrast stitching at the top two buttonholes or something, also a black military cord shirt (epaulets and chest pockets), that one was $120 though Which Barney's did you go to? The Beverly Hills store had a navy blue w/ thin red + yellow horizontal stripes (XL) for $76...steaaaaal
BNWT Engineered Garments chambray work shirt from this last season, f/w 09. Size Large. SOLD! Measurements: Pit to pit: 22" Sleeves: 22" Length: 31" Engineered Garments 19th Century BD. White (looks a little off color, but it is white, trust me). Size Large. Worn once, never washed. SOLD! Measurements: Pit to pit: 22" Sleeves: 22" Length: 31" OK, here is the deal with this...deal. I, in a foolish stupor, purchased 2 EG denim engineer...
Quote: Originally Posted by onion That code doesn't seem to work.... It worked for me just now, but only when I applied it to a full-priced item. It didn't work on a sale item (that may be the problem if you are trying it on sale items).
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester No offense but it seems kind of cheap to buy something at 50% off (with no sales tax) then complain about $14 shipping. What is fair? $10? $7? It is penny ante stuff really. The stores are not getting rich off shipping. Quote: Originally Posted by jet Seriously, always funny seeing that. I pay 12-15 shipping everywhere I don't see how 14 gets this reaction. I think its fedex not fedex...
Here are two Ervell shirts NOT from the Gilt sale =) Both are from the S/S 09 season, made in the USA (unike the F/W 09 season made in South Korea, if anybody cares. But that shouldn't make a difference). Both are size XL. The grey one was worn once and professionally laundered and the faded turquoise was never worn and professionally laundered. Measurements for both are roughly the same: Pit to pit: 23" Sleeves: 21" Length: 31.25" SOLD (Note: "Faded...
Me = Mathematics FAIL I was close, right? I've been out of school for 5 years and my brain is turning into mush. For my transgressions, I offer you information about the South Willard stock being bumped to 50% off. I just hit it up during the lunch break. Sizes are kinda scattered though...Band of Outsiders, Stephen Schneider, Margaret Howell, and Dries are included (seasonal items). Unfortunately, Quoddy, Cresent Down Works and the house label is not. Watch...
Green chambray <3 Finally, something to shake up the monotony of the sea of blues (and yes, I know there are other chambray colors besides blue).
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