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Shit, can't forget about Wesley Snipes.
Van Damme's pulling out of the film kinda bummed me out...but Dolph taking his place is killer. Rocky IV rematch! Although, even if JCVD was still attached, Dolph should still have been in it. This is my childhood dream coming true. Just throw in Steven Segal (I know he is washed-up, but still. His presence would have been a gift) and some other 80's badass martial artists like Jeff Speakman and the dude from the American Ninja series and it's pure gold.
Quote: Originally Posted by ivan k Caliroots doesn't deduct VAT? According to their website's "Terms" section: 'We don´t deduct VAT for international orders.' Strange...
Tournaments sold. ADDED SAFARI BOOTS!
So....since the line is dead (for now?) can we finally learn who the designer is? That is, unless it has already been discussed and I missed it. If that is the case, I'll gladly take a snarky good ol' SF "use the search function" remark. From the pair I own, all I can draw is the by "Dream Catcher by Lee, Inc" on the tag...in which Google gives me nothing.
Common Projects Sale! BBall Low. Size 43. Brand New w/ box. Just laced and tried on. All white. Asking $180 shipped OBO. (the only gripe I have is someone made a mark with a blue pen on the back of one of the shoes. WTH, right? What a jerk!) Tournament Low 2-Strap. Size 43. Perforated. Velcro enclosure. Brand New w/ box. Color is described as "Warm Grey" SOLD! 2 pairs on Common Projects Safari Boots, one grey, one black. Both size 43 All canvas....
I have an extremely similar situation to yours currently...fortunately for me, she is a step below me so you can say I outrank her and everybody knows that she is crazy. I guess it makes it that much easier to "school" her. Sorry for you though...a hostile work environment is difficult. It's not like you can take it to the streets or anything. OR CAN YOU
Quote: Originally Posted by SField The only way to truly deal with it in a professional way is stating facts. On this forum, as I'm sure you've seen me and others do, it's possible to effectively assassinate someone's character in a funny way but obviously that isn't going to work in a work environment. Facts can be devastating, so if she has her facts wrong, in as few words as possible, enumerate (make a numbered list) where she has it wrong. Be very...
^^^ That's too bad...I've always been a fan of KZO and their last season was fantastic. Joel is also a REALLY great guy...and I love supporting labels/stores with great people behind them.
One more drop before the soak/hem....
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