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Are the quick release belts also on sale? Do you still make them?
Common Projects BBall Hi, size 42. Used but with LOTS of life left. The blemishes in the 3rd pic down are on the inside. No box. SOLD!
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna I met the woman of the, Dickies archive from TX (Fort Worth ) and, showed me a paper printed out, with all the known labels . She told me that they, were going to reproduce to the, exact specific although I told her that, I think many of the crotch would hang too, long . Off topic, but when I was reading your post in my head, I kept pausing when a comma came up. Is something wrong with your comma...
Quote: Originally Posted by cjl2g ^ so shitty. went the third day, and nothing remotely good left. all they had were huge sizes of cavalli / euro trash shit left. According to the SA, they are still in the process of making room and putting more things out. But if it is more of the same....no thank you. BARF
Maxfield Bleu in Beverly Hills has been running their "Dirt Cheap" sale for about a week...you can score some $500 Yohji Yamamoto slacks for $50 or some $280 Comme des Garcons pants for $19...BUT I would say 90% of the stock they have there would make any sane man vomit in disgust. So unless you are willing to dig, I don't think you want to go. That is, unless you like acid-washed leather/suede combo Alexander McQueen pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Atsui Curious where you picked up the Johnbulls. We stock that identical denim except the patch is dark brown rather than the light tan. Picked them up at Fred Segal in LA....strange place to be carrying them...
another drop....got interest but no bites.....
$500 for those? No thanks. That money could be MUCH better spent elsewhere (with some change)
Brand new, no box. Only tried on indoors. Retailed for $368. SOLD!Thanks!
Another bump and a price drop....probably taking them in this weekend...
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