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Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude lol sad ... i have way too many jeans and am in way too many contests. and all i do is sit in class F all y'all who can enter contests...I can only wear jeans on the weekends/casual fridays
What the...you already have it? Is Gilt like, next door to you? (I'm just bitter because they said it was going to take around 9 days to get to me in California)
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon wait you didnt know A&F was an outdoors brand originally? lul Nope! Back in high school when I was more peasant and first heard about it, it was known as the label that the rich kids wore. Never bothered to do any research on a "mall brand". I was still rocking Nautica Competition/Polo/Tommy Hilfiger gear I scored from TJ Maxx
Sorry for the huge-ass pics
I was inspired by the A&F hate/acceptance thread. I have personally never owned a piece from A&F just because of the people it was associated with...growing up in a surburban community and going to college in Southern California where A&F, cargo shorts and flip-flops were the standard frat uniform left a sour taste in my mouth. Maybe the quality of their shirts are good for the price you pay, maybe the pieces fit well...but I think I'll never know. I recently came...
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy I purchased the work trouser sample from Karl. When I receive them I will post some thoughts and some pics. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Ha... You're the dude, huh? He mentioned you yesterday when he showed them to me. haha, I attempted to get them too. I called as soon as I found out, but alas I was too late. I thought for sure whodini picked them up, as he mentioned...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini A very well-known SF'er is from SCV. I'd mention who but that'd just be weak sauce. I'm pretty sure I know who you are talking about. We went to the same high school (Saugus). Don't worry, I'll keep it hush hush
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Nah, I had to go visit a friend in santa clarita. I actually don't care for APC that much though, don't have a single piece. haha, Santa Clarita is my hometown. It was just weird seeing it on Style Forum, knowing that there is no style in the SCV. Unless you consider Bro-wear/looking like Fallout Boy stylish. WHITE HOES/SOCCER MOMS 4 LIFE
Exposing your selvedge via cuffing = status symbol, yo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rogue Territory I'm looking to get rid of a few of my sample all size 31 with varying inseams (none shorter than 33) PM me if you're interested in learning more. Why can't you be fatter? (assuming the samples are tailored after you)
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