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I own a couple FBT's and normally wear a 10.5...I wear a 10 in Visvim (they don't make .5 sizes after 10). You should be fine with a 10.
Back from the LA Barneys Warehouse sale... As I expected, it is never worth going the 1st day. The selection was decent enough, but there were no further markdowns - it seems they just picked up whatever was at the store and moved it to the convention center. So if there was anything I wanted at the current price point, I would have gotten it already at the store. Again: decent stock, prices were the same as it was in the store. I suggest waiting for at least one...
Holy....those jackets with the glove thingies are amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula Anyone else hitting up the Barney's warhouse sale today in la?I'll report back with how it is. See you there...going on my lunch break!
Has anybody gone to Gram & Papas in DT? Hit it up for lunch the Ludo Parisian Sandwich. Good, but in the end it was an overpriced Vietnamese sandwich (IMO). The rest of the menu looks pretty good though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Does your friend spend a lot of time playing DDR? Arcade Infinity @ Diamond Plaza You should post the next time you guys plan to hang out so SFers in the area (like me) can observe him real life. I once had an ultra douche bag friend who had some incredible stories...but wow. I feel bad for you =(
Two things that haven't been together since the discovery of fire - K-MART + TAILORED IN JAPAN Found at a thirft store. Pretty cool jacket, but way to heavy to get any rotation in California.
I got my set...the fabric feels AMAZING. Straight butter. It may look like run-of-the-mill Dickies, but geez, they did a great job with the material. I don't want to say one way or the other of it is worth it at the retail price point, but it is definitely something that should be on the radar, IMO. Looking forward to the colder months so I can wear them (together, when I visit East LA, of course. Vatos Locos forever). There are enough pics floating around of the whole...
Quote: Originally Posted by user7 bloomingdale's in NYC at 59th has 50% off already marked down sneakers. Copped those all white CP highs for like 170. Also had those blue/white vans-like lows in a 44, and some other smaller sizes. Plus some ugly styles like the grey elastic cp's, and some awful two tone leather/suede desert boot cp's for like $40 after the sale. I think the sale ends tomorrow if anyone wants the blue/white van cp's....they were...
Price drops on all 3 shirts!
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