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And other drop....this is a steeeealllll
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff ive been eyeing some SDA 103 as well, saw a pair on someone faded quite nicely. looks pretty good. SDA 103's are amazing...just not getting enough play yet because it is so damn hot. I recommend them.
By far my Self Edge x Sugar Cane (SEXSC06 or whatever). Besides the terrible pocket bags, I am in love with them. Currently breaking in Studio D'Artesian 103...
Sweet...heading to Vancouver in September. Hopefully their stock will be in!
(2) Engineered Garments 19th Century Button-Downs. 1st up: a lighter fabric, from '07 or '08 s/s if I remember correctly. Size Large. Worn lightly, never washed. Asking $80 > $65 shipped. Meaurements: Chest: 22.5" Sleeves: 21" Length: 30.5" Next: a oxford broadcloth. Size Large. Light blue stripes. Worn lightly, never washed. Asking $80 > $65 shipped. Measurements: Chest: 23" Sleeves: 22" Length: 31" EG Western Snap Button shirt. Nice...
another drop.....
Price droppp
BNWOT. Size XL, but as with all NdG, runs really slim. Tab collar. Made in Japan. Never worn/washed. Asking $75 shipped > $65 > $55 > $45 SHIPPED > SOLD! Pit to pit: 21" Length: 30"
Another price drop on the cordzzzzzz....
Quite a lot of food suggestions...any for shopping? I've been to PDX a couple times and I loved it. Heading back in September. My go-to spot for clothes was Blake, but word is that it is not at its old location anymore. Any other recommended spots? (more like like Blake, less like Marios)
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