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PSA for those in the Los Angeles area: I hit up Wasteland on Melrose and spied 2 Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane chambrays for $55 each. The blue was a S, the cream was a M. Also, a pretty nice Band of Oursiders flannel-y shirt for $55 (looked VERY small) and a BoO wool blazer for $200.
Sonia Rykiel Homme Wayfarer sunglasses. I bought these because I thought I lost my Ray-Bans...and then I found them. No need for 2 very similar-looking glasses. Brand new/perfect condition, comes with generic soft-pouch thingy to store glasses. Bought off of Gilt for $98, Asking $75 > $65 > $50 shipped OBO DRKSHDW (Rick Owens) x Eastpak Waxed Canvas Backpack. Light grey...IMO, the best color of the collection. 2 compartments - within the main...
Question: Have you guys "protected" your CP's? Like with a water-repellant spray...I bought some from Foot Locker yesterday and gave my summer Achilles 2 coats. Did I just fuck up? Is the buttery leather now ruined? ARGH
Back from vacay...another drop
I own a couple FBT's and normally wear a 10.5...I wear a 10 in Visvim (they don't make .5 sizes after 10). You should be fine with a 10.
Back from the LA Barneys Warehouse sale... As I expected, it is never worth going the 1st day. The selection was decent enough, but there were no further markdowns - it seems they just picked up whatever was at the store and moved it to the convention center. So if there was anything I wanted at the current price point, I would have gotten it already at the store. Again: decent stock, prices were the same as it was in the store. I suggest waiting for at least one...
Holy....those jackets with the glove thingies are amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula Anyone else hitting up the Barney's warhouse sale today in la?I'll report back with how it is. See you there...going on my lunch break!
Has anybody gone to Gram & Papas in DT? Hit it up for lunch the Ludo Parisian Sandwich. Good, but in the end it was an overpriced Vietnamese sandwich (IMO). The rest of the menu looks pretty good though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Does your friend spend a lot of time playing DDR? Arcade Infinity @ Diamond Plaza You should post the next time you guys plan to hang out so SFers in the area (like me) can observe him real life. I once had an ultra douche bag friend who had some incredible stories...but wow. I feel bad for you =(
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