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Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I'll be in Los Angolas, flying in the morning, leaving in the evening, so close to the airport is best If you are thinking right around LAX, don't set your expectations too high...
I know Kiya mentioned the opening of an LA store...but I didn't know it was happening, like, now! I guess I know what I'll be doing on Wednesday...
DRKSHDW bag sold Price drop on wayfarers!
Unless they have a webshop, I think I'll be sticking with my usual spots...and also due to store loyalty =) I'm assuming the Nepenthes store will stock a much wider variety of EG merchandise, like the more outlandish pieces only found in Japan. That being the case, I would seek the store out only for those pieces.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy_4HM ^ Good list. Mr. Lee's and Eugene Choo are probably worth a visit as well. If you happen to make it over to the Island come say what up. I def wanted to hit up 4 Horsemen if I head to Victoria...I wanted to pick up a BLK Pine workshop bag! I'll only be there for 2 days so I don't know if I can make it. Anything else in Vic worth checking out (so I can convince the homies to take the ferry over)?
I, too, am visiting Vancouver in early September! I've been trying to do some research on the matter, but as far as shopping goes I plan to look into: Inventory Roden Gray Haven Gravity Pope Nouvelle Nouvelle Lark Old Faithful Shop I visited Vancouver last year and was only able to make it to Roden Gray and Lark. Jonathan + Olivia was also a great shop, but I hear has shut down since I last visited If anyone else wants to chime in on VAN shopping/local...
PSA for those in the Los Angeles area: I hit up Wasteland on Melrose and spied 2 Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane chambrays for $55 each. The blue was a S, the cream was a M. Also, a pretty nice Band of Oursiders flannel-y shirt for $55 (looked VERY small) and a BoO wool blazer for $200.
Sonia Rykiel Homme Wayfarer sunglasses. I bought these because I thought I lost my Ray-Bans...and then I found them. No need for 2 very similar-looking glasses. Brand new/perfect condition, comes with generic soft-pouch thingy to store glasses. Bought off of Gilt for $98, Asking $75 > $65 > $50 shipped OBO DRKSHDW (Rick Owens) x Eastpak Waxed Canvas Backpack. Light grey...IMO, the best color of the collection. 2 compartments - within the main...
Question: Have you guys "protected" your CP's? Like with a water-repellant spray...I bought some from Foot Locker yesterday and gave my summer Achilles 2 coats. Did I just fuck up? Is the buttery leather now ruined? ARGH
Back from vacay...another drop
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