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Stopped by Odin in the East Village...KMW's for $137. 1980 and 1950. They had like 10-12 pairs left.
Quote: Originally Posted by LDRS MikeyyDiamond "Supreme just bought shirts from us wholesale and we had no involvement with it " - Thom Browne on the collab If that is true...we'll be getting TB shirts at a Supreme pricepoint...who am I kidding? I'm sure there will be a mark-up, I just hope it is under TB retail.
http://www.supremenewyork.com/news?u...term=clickhere Thom Browne cuts at Supreme quality? Or the other way around?
Quote: Originally Posted by Atsui Dutil is a denim shop in Gastown downtown Vancouver BC. Roden Gray is atually about 50 feet away around the corner. Other denims they stock are Edwin, Nudies, Naked&Famouse, APC, Ernest Sewn, KMW, etc. It is about 50/50 men women and carry only denim....there could be a few accessories. They have been there about 4 years. I had the pleasure of visiting them when I hit up Vancouver a while back...really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil PSA: I saw a shit load of KMW 1980's and 1950's, those black cap toe Wolverine boots and a few Red Wings at the Len Druskin Outlet in Edina, MN. All were 50% off. Come one and all, get your work wear solutions. Proxy? They don't do phone orders because they can't ship out 1980s in a 32x34 if you come across them...
EXTREMELY interested...but heading to NYC for vacation next week (hence, I need all the money I have). Hopefully they are still here when I get back....bump.
Thursday price droppppp
Son of a....a sz 32 21cm pair of Diors is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! If only they weren't hemmed! Good luck man.
Price drooppppp
Some denim up for grabs! First up is a pair of brand new/never soaked John Bulls. Made in Japan. Selvedge (like REALLY dark...check the pic). Straight leg model. Tagged size 34. Retailed for $330. Asking SOLD! Thanks! Measured BiG style: Waist: 16.5" Inseam: 36" Leg opening: 8.5" Front rise: 9.5" Back rise: 15" Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 9" Next up are some Ande Whall Cougars. The older model with the leather patch. Started wearing these guys in Feb 09, but...
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