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Quote: Originally Posted by onion That code doesn't seem to work.... It worked for me just now, but only when I applied it to a full-priced item. It didn't work on a sale item (that may be the problem if you are trying it on sale items).
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester No offense but it seems kind of cheap to buy something at 50% off (with no sales tax) then complain about $14 shipping. What is fair? $10? $7? It is penny ante stuff really. The stores are not getting rich off shipping. Quote: Originally Posted by jet Seriously, always funny seeing that. I pay 12-15 shipping everywhere I don't see how 14 gets this reaction. I think its fedex not fedex...
Here are two Ervell shirts NOT from the Gilt sale =) Both are from the S/S 09 season, made in the USA (unike the F/W 09 season made in South Korea, if anybody cares. But that shouldn't make a difference). Both are size XL. The grey one was worn once and professionally laundered and the faded turquoise was never worn and professionally laundered. Measurements for both are roughly the same: Pit to pit: 23" Sleeves: 21" Length: 31.25" SOLD (Note: "Faded...
Me = Mathematics FAIL I was close, right? I've been out of school for 5 years and my brain is turning into mush. For my transgressions, I offer you information about the South Willard stock being bumped to 50% off. I just hit it up during the lunch break. Sizes are kinda scattered though...Band of Outsiders, Stephen Schneider, Margaret Howell, and Dries are included (seasonal items). Unfortunately, Quoddy, Cresent Down Works and the house label is not. Watch...
Green chambray <3 Finally, something to shake up the monotony of the sea of blues (and yes, I know there are other chambray colors besides blue).
I think 33% off 40% = 56.5% off total. Example: Regular price $100 40% off = $60 Extra 33% off = $40.20 A trick I do is take half the new markdown and add it to the old markdown to come up with a final percentage. (don't hold me to the above...I'm probably wrong. Way to go college education!)
Getting this thread back on track.... Word from an SA at Barney's tells me that an extra 33% will be taken off sale items this coming Wednesday, which brings the total sale up to around 60% (his words, not mine). This is more likely going to only affect the Co-Op side though.
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc for people in oc. i might be heading down there soon. will report back. Don't forget tomorrow and Sunday's sale. New Brands on board: Sneaky Steve + Gram Shoes (Swedish Shoes for men and women) Here in the OC, finally the good brands have arrived so you can get all your shopping in. HOLIDAY BLOWOUT SALE: Up to 80% OFF Retail DATE/TIME: Saturday Dec. 19: 11-7 Sunday Dec. 20: 12-6 ADDRESS: 1638...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I loathe people who say "the" oc may god help them. haahha THE ORANGE COUNTY
Here is a pair of brand new DRKSHDW by Rick Owens corduroys. Tagged size 33. Presumably made in Italy. Color described as "Dust". Looks like a lighter-chocolate brown to me. Last pic most accurately shows the true color. Frayed bottoms. Asking $85 shipped OBO. Measurements: Waist: 17" Inseam: 35" Leg opening: 7.5 Front rise: 12" Back rise: 15" Knee: 8.25" Thigh: 12"
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