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haha I'm checking this thread constantly to see if a larger raw KMW 1980 will pop up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Nickel Diner in downtown, near Coles the BEST BEST macaroni and cheese I've ever had. Has a nice kick to it and isnt the soupy kind of mac n cheese but a thick fork eating consistency. They are known for their bacon bits donut which is really good, but I prefer their red velvet donut. Don't forget their home made pop tarts! Nickel Diner is amazing. Pizza: Tomato Pie (On Melrose and Faifax, and in...
Quote: Originally Posted by ndj649 Belmont Army had a number of pairs of Crate jeans (as well as Tellason jeans) on sale. I've been in there twice in the last few weeks and they've had plenty in stock. phone orders?
Shitbag. If only the inseam was longer =( Bump for a great price.
Another drop
BNWT Engineered Garments Indigo Selvedge Denim, tagged size 34. Retailed for $240. SOLD (on eBay)Measurements: Waist - 16.5" Inseam - 33" Leg opening - 8.25" Knee - 9.5" Thigh - 12.5" Front rise - 11.5" Back rise - 16"
FYI: While in NYC this past week, I spotted a full stock of Crate chambrays at the Bloomingdales on Broadway and a bunch of denim (older models on sale as well as new) and chinos at the Bloomingdales on 5th or Madison or wherever it is.
Price drrrrooopppp
I LOVE the Fix's Pesto burger. Anyway, my friend swears by Hinano's burger (bar on Washington, right near Venice Beach). No frills, and just $6. I say my friend swears by it, because although I've had it before, I was wasted when doing so. So everything tasted good.
Another price drop
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