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Sorry for the bother...I'm usually on the other side of the pond (streetwear) and I figure you guys are more suited (no pun intended...groan) to help me out... I'm heading to a semi-formal event and I'm having some problems (trying to dress up with a little color, as I'm assuming everybody is doing the black suit/black tie/white shirt combo) I'll be wearing: -"indigo stripe" colored blazer (close up of the color/pattern): -A light blue shirt (not powder blue,...
Quote: Originally Posted by CyanideDragon wouldn't sam beckett/quantum leap be more appropriate? maybe he went back and tried them on a couple of weeks ago, then leaped back 6 months and decide to buy, then came forward to let us know? It would be unlikely that he would leap into the same body/same pair of jeans though.
Or Bill S. Preston, Esq./Ted "Theodore" Logan
They look pretty good!
Glad that 45rpm shirt sold. Great price and my size. Nothing in paypal though =(
^ Thanks! Another price drop on the AWs....
The Loehmann's on La Cienega (LA) has a handful of Naked and Famous Weird Guys in the greenish-tinge for $50. Sizes range from 28-30 though.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 But then consider that if there were no discount and the shirt weren't 3 for $199. How much would pay then with tax and shipping? You should calculate the savings from that price as lmao implied. So really, a person doesn't just save $2.50. That makes sense. The $2.50 example just applied to my situation, in which I was only purchasing one shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong uhhh because normally you wouldnt pay shipping and tax on their site? I apologize heavily sir, I am not accustomed to ordering off of the Brooks Brothers Webstore. I'm just making a point that the appeal of 25% off would lead a person (well, I guess not you) to hope to save more than $2.50 off the grand total. I would rather pay a bit more & try on a item in the store (forgo the hardship of a...
Wow...after the 25% off + shipping + tax, I ALMOST save a whopping $3. FYI, it applies to sale items.
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