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A break from ice cream - Assembly NY opening on 7977 Melrose, near Fred Segal/Ron Herman
Playground in Santa Ana. I'll also have to throw in a personal fave Felix Continental Cafe (Cuban) in Orange. Best bang for your buck. And I don't care if it's played out/crowded, Brodards in Westminister is the business when it comes to Vietnamese.So have I! The name throws me off - looking at the menu, it is definitely not a spot that sounds like it should be called Taco Maria.
Seconded. I go for the conveniece of the cafeteria style and the quality:price ratio. I seriously only get meat and cheese breadballs.Speaking of the Grove FM, that Sigaporean spot is pretty on point as well.
I saw Ina mentioned - I would say if you are limited on time, just go to the one on Prince St. On the subject of consigment, check out Tokio 7 in St. Marks. Just be prepared for rudeness by the Japanese employees. 3Sixteen - Self Edge Geller - Assembly, Odin has a wider selection I believe And for EG, as people mentioned, don't miss Nepenthes. It's in the cut, but it's a great shop I remember I bought a W+H tiger fleece hoodie from Memes in like, 2007. I wonder if that's...
Brand new, just tried on. Retailed for $400. Size Large, fits a bit slim. All pics are from Barney's, I'll get my own up when I get a chance. $95 shipped with the States PRICE DROP TO $76 Description from Barney's: Rib-knit collar, cuffs and bottom; angled snap pockets, zip utility pocket at sleeve, leather triangle appliqu├ęs at pockets Snap placket at front, two-way zip closure underneath Lined; two double-snap pockets at interior Available in Navy Nylon; lining:nylon;...
Speaking of Sweet Rose Creamery, Salt & Straw on Larchmont and Carmela on W. 3rd. Or Scoops...quality is not up to par with the mentioned but they make up with it with wild flavors (similar: Coolhaus)Bread Pudding at Masa of Echo Park. A lotta things at Semi-Sweet Bakery (and around the corner at Nickel Diner).Milk is overrated IMO
Ran across this older jacket...can anyone tell me about it? Like season-wise. It's from the Y's line. Just want to make sure it's all legit
Resurrecting this long forgotten thread...and no, this isn't about Coachella. I'm in charge of my buddy's bachelor party in October, and I might as well start planning now. He hates Vegas so I was thinking Palm Springs...less hectic, same amount of drinking. What's good? I'm going into this blindly. I was thinking about booking at the Ace Hotel or Saguaro. Other things: Bootlegger Tiki, Bar...recommendations for eating/drinking/doing?
Did anyone actually buy the Ippudo jacket (I don't even know if they are still for sale)? If so, thoughts? After a quick thread search, it doesn't seem that anyone actually pulled the trigger, and there was more negative than positive vibes towards it...the logo itself doesn't bother me, as I thought the jacket actually said "IPPUDO" which would suck. I can handle the print. Heading to NYC is a couple weeks and am considering it
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