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Agreed. Really amazing stuff. Like, REALLY. But sizing can sometimes be completely off (which sucks when you're ordering online and can't try it on. Which happened to me recently with Leder) or just...weird. I tried a shirt on this season and it "fit", but just felt wrong.Regardless, I'm excited about NMWA carrying.
Thnking back...early 2000's were a mix of hip hop shirts, Diesel, and BAD vintage (shit from thrift shops, thinking I looked good when I tired to be different. It was just straight up bad. Think Blackalicious tee, capri cargo pants and a mother effing Dracula medallion. And flared denim. WHY), 2003-2006 were the major Hypebeasty years (match your tees with your shoelaces everyone! It's cool!), then rounded out the 2000's with Americana and Prep. So for me, the first half...
What color? I'm assuming 52's will be harder to find...
I guess this would be the thread to ask this...some (mostly) older Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garcons Homme jackets can be worn inside-out to reveal a more...flamboyant (for lack of a better word) version. To anyone who owns any of these types of pieces, do you ever wear them inside-out? With the label/tag exposed and everything? I only see them worn like this in editorials...and once in Japan. But they can get away with anything there.
Heading back for a visit in about a week. Anything good open recently, shops or restaurant-wise (mostly restaurants)? I unfortunatley couldn't get a reso at Langbaan. Are the following worth hitting up? Lil Wares P.R.E.A.M. Renata Shift Drinks The Biwa Burger at Noraneko What's good, PDX peeps?
Add me on the Barraccuda "need" list (coincidentally, also in a 52). I'm torn between the red and black though. For all I know I'll be in a tencel bomber situation and end up buying both In other news, Barney's Warehouse has some RG at an additional 40%, if you are looking for that pullover button down or 'flight trousers' (not to be confused with the tencel flight pants)
Damn, should have noticed this before. I would have been down to support! Great to see a fellow SF-er in the improv/comedy scene (I do improv).Refreshing - in my experience, people in comedy don't really care about what they wear (men, at least). At least in LA. This may apply to NYC as well.
Great Post O'Alls (Post Overalls) Workshirt. Cool "digital" print going on, shades of blue and green. Washed once in cold water & line dried. Made in the USA. Size large, fits slim. Chest: 21.5" Shoulders: 17.5" Back length: 29" Asking $50 shipped in the States, a bit higher if international. NOW $45
I stick with my normal "American" size with Apolis. In my experience, their cuts are not like Euro/Japanese designers.
Brand new Flat Head jacquard western shirt. Amazing quality as expected from The Flat Head. Size 44. Fits small - fits like a proper slim large. Asking $95 shipped in the States, a little more if international.
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