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Adding some more detail on the Dana Lee sale:Pants $75Shirts (button downs) $75Sweatshirts $50Shorts $50Tees/Tanks $25Jackets $150 (I think)Knits $iforgot
Of course
Robert Geller Trucker Jacket Super safe piece, but for some reason it was on my must-buy list for this season
Michael Jordan was popular in the early 90's. The Simpsons were popular in the early 90's. Put 2 and 2 together to create a shirt kids would beg their parents to buy for them at the local swap meet. I don't think any negative racial connotations were supposed to be conveyed by this. I remember I had a "Black" Bart as Magic Johnson shirt back then and wore it to Catholic school for free-dress day. No one gave me shit - maybe it was because I was a kid or the nuns didn't...
Now all I need as some gangsta Looney Toons tees and hammer pants and my childhood wardrobe will be complete.
Great pair of Rachel Comey "Ruger" nubuck boots. Size 10.5 (fits true). The color is described as 'bark'. Leather laces. Original box included. Retailed for $400. Rubber sole. I wore these like 5 times. No major damage...just some water (I think) spots on the toe (pictured). Some minor scuffing (not deep). Just needs a cleaning. Asking $110 shipped in the States PRICE DROP TO $100, a bit more if international.
Just looked up 7151 Beverly Blvd on Google Maps...It's a addy associated with a store front right near La Brea / Mister Freedom / across from Susina. Maybe they are taking over an empty spot? I drive past there everyday on the way to work. If I remember, I'll crank my head to the left and check
Great lightweight checkered jacket by Post 'O Alls. Perfect for the warmer weather. Made in the USA. Size Large. Universal zipper. Worn very lightly and in pristine condition EXCEPT a small hole (pictured with a dime) on the right sleeve...when I wore it I walked into a bulletin board with an exposed nail/tack or something. Easily repairable, I'm sure. Asking $70 shipped in the States PRICE DROP TO $45, a little more if international. Measurements: Chest: 22" Shoulders:...
Now I know I HAVE to own one if the Beebz is rockin' dat
I noticed the Neoprene vests were gone from Barney's (LA) and online (except the 52) - which one of y'all bought them? And how are you styling it?
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