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Brand new Flat Head jacquard western shirt. Amazing quality as expected from The Flat Head. Size 44. Fits small - fits like a proper slim large. Asking $95 shipped in the States, a little more if international.
Needles (by Nepenthes, same fam as Engineered Garments) Floral Western shirt. Brand new. Pearl snap buttons. Light fading effect (tried to show on the shoulder) for a cool aged effect. Size LARGE. Fits slim. May work for a Medium if you want a little room. Asking $60 shipped in the States, a bit more if international.
Agreed with @msg, you can't knock them for that (speaking to their real estate - one of the dopest shops I've been into)But know that last season I believe that the sale went to 70%. This is just the start, be patient
Just following up with this - any thoughts? Besides the materials used, are they constructed any better? At $200, it may be a decent replacement for some Common Projects (yeah yeah, I know I can just get the normal Stan Smiths, but sometimes I want to feel like a baller, and who are you to step on my baller dreams?!)
This may have been answered before, but I don't know what terms I can use to search...this has been low-key bugging me for some time. Is there a reason that the jackets (and to an extent, the shirts and bottoms) bounce between the S-M-L-XL sizing notation and numerical sizing (48-50-52)? Are there different lines within the label involved? Does it have to do with the manufacturing country? I originally assumed the numbers were for more "formal" pieces and the letters where...
Speaking of Geller stockists, I was surprised to see Geller stocked at Bloomingdales in SoHo, and even more surprised when I saw it stocked at the Beverly Center in LA. Safe buys, but it's a start
A break from ice cream - Assembly NY opening on 7977 Melrose, near Fred Segal/Ron Herman
Playground in Santa Ana. I'll also have to throw in a personal fave Felix Continental Cafe (Cuban) in Orange. Best bang for your buck. And I don't care if it's played out/crowded, Brodards in Westminister is the business when it comes to Vietnamese.So have I! The name throws me off - looking at the menu, it is definitely not a spot that sounds like it should be called Taco Maria.
Seconded. I go for the conveniece of the cafeteria style and the quality:price ratio. I seriously only get meat and cheese breadballs.Speaking of the Grove FM, that Sigaporean spot is pretty on point as well.
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