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That's what I was afraid to hear. Damn you @OccultaVexillum for grabbing the Olive in 52
@lesamourai & @OccultaVexillum, care to comment on the hooded bomber sizing? From what I can tell from the posted measurements, it runs larger (people can afford to size down, a la the Tencel Bomber). But measurements have been known to be inaccurate...
Yup. I considered soaking it (just the top part to get the collar) and applying conditioner, but I'm trying to not do that.
Denim/Americana/Workwear: Hinoya & Americaya in Ueno. Is Base Control still a thing? That has a Uniqlo vibe to it, as far as basics go. Other than that, just stick to Shibuya (Harajuku/Omotesando area) for the majority of shops. Personally, I am a huge fan of the resell/consignment/second hand shops in Japan, namely Kindal and Rag Tag (Jumble Store, to a lesser extent). Both have a good number of locations in Tokyo.
I have both the black and the grey. I love them. But honestly, they are not really anything extraordinary, just some really nice suede boots. That happen to come with spats that I never use. Lemme know if you have any questions about them.
Buzz Rickson MA-1 Owners: I recently broke out my MA-1 that I've been keeping in storage for a trip. The ribbing on the neck was really irritating, and even left my neck with a minor rash after a day of wearing it. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you remedy? This hasn't happened with any other MA-1's or wool clothing for me, so I don't think it's on me...maybe.
^ I assumed it was difference in fabric issue - but nope, both 100% nylon. And the doper color (subjective) is less expensive
Besides Meyvn and Notre, any idea who else is/will be carrying the garment washed hooded bomber?
Torn between the Geller washed garment bomber in Grey or Magenta... @gdl203, can you comment on the magenta color since you saw it in person? Magenta sounds pretty vibrant...but it looks more muted on the runway. And is Ochre basically the mustard color from the tencel bomber last spring? Thanks!
Son of a...I need that Garment Bomber in my life. But I'm leaving to Japan in a couple of weeks and I need to save all the money I can! Dammit all. 1st world problems Speaking of...besides Via Bus Stop and Cave (did they drop Geller? And 7 Shop?), does anyone know any Geller stockists in the Osaka/Kyoto area (I know they were mentioned somewhere in this thread, but as mentioned I think some shops dropped RG)? My Geller sized 52 body will not be getting any love in the...
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