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Seconded (or thirded?) on that long line business re: Mohawk SS. BUT I thought they had a pretty decent selection. Came out with some Dries and Needles stuff, although the prices were a bit higher than I was expecting. But then again I'm a cheap ass.
Me thinks you are talking about http://re-porter.ca/
On the opposite end of things, a lot of things in my YOOX dream box shot up in price. Some with like a $200 increase. meh
PSA for LA peeps: this is available at Wasteland Melrose, size 48, $55. My 52 Geller body was not able to squeeze in
But no bomber
Sorry to be the combo breaker in this CP talk, but but re: the Ramie/Lukas bomber from this past season...there were already remarks of how expensive it was at retail, but does anybody know why? Was it the Ramie?
Speaking of San Francisco, SF's Voyager opened @ One Santa Fe (Arts District), right next door to Wittmore. Dope space, OK brands - labels range from Shades of Grey to Dana Lee. Wittmore has a nice little Matsuda eyewear set-up going on right now.
I'm sure we've all been lowballed on Grailed, but I just need a quick vent session - I'm selling an item for $115. Dude offers $65. Hey, nothing I'm not used to. So we start playing the counter-offer game because I'm feeling generous. After some negotiation/raise in the price, he finally offers $60, BELOW his original offer. WTF are some people thinking? I am less insulted, more baffled at how some people's thought process works.
Agreed. Really amazing stuff. Like, REALLY. But sizing can sometimes be completely off (which sucks when you're ordering online and can't try it on. Which happened to me recently with Leder) or just...weird. I tried a shirt on this season and it "fit", but just felt wrong.Regardless, I'm excited about NMWA carrying.
Thnking back...early 2000's were a mix of hip hop shirts, Diesel, and BAD vintage (shit from thrift shops, thinking I looked good when I tired to be different. It was just straight up bad. Think Blackalicious tee, capri cargo pants and a mother effing Dracula medallion. And flared denim. WHY), 2003-2006 were the major Hypebeasty years (match your tees with your shoelaces everyone! It's cool!), then rounded out the 2000's with Americana and Prep. So for me, the first half...
New Posts  All Forums: