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WTF. I've been trying to get a pair all morning and it keeps saying it is available, then when I try to check out it is unavailable. Sorry for the rant.
Facetasm MA-1
Vintage DRKSHDW Zam CP Jacket detail
New shop opened up in the Arts District - Alchemy Works. It's run by the wife of one of the head dudes from Apolis. Mostly womens clothes, but some home goods, cool knick-knacks, books, and a selection of Gitman Vintage, Hill-Side, and Armour Lux for men. Regardless, it's worth the stop-in if you're in the area - the space is super dope. Really well done. Note: What I got from via a small conversation was that more menswear would be coming in - moving forward it may be...
The olive Johan ones? I had those too...yeah, they were larger than I expected, and I don't have man-baby hands
The ones Melo posted above are the exact two I'm referring to.
Not to add to the confusion - but I sized down for my Geller leathers. Although this was only the ones from AW12 so maybe it was only for that season...
I've been to Hide and I really enjoyed it - although I'm no snob like that Yelper so I can't trust my tastes. Great prices too, but yeah, cash only which is kind of annoying. Also, I remember Sushi Go 55 in Little Tokyo being excellent, and I've heard good things about Hama Sushi.Speaking of Sushi Stop...Kula > SS
Uh yeah bruh - we gots THE HUNDREDSStop being jelly
Here is a description I stole from Hypebeast: For Spring/Summer 2011, snowboard-inspired advanced sportswear label ISAORA releases this unique combo jacket. Made in New York using fabrics sourced directly from Japan, the jacket features a blend of nylon, linen and denim with two-layer bonded terry sleeves. With grey sleeves and a white body, the jacket also features a funnel neck collar with two flap pockets and a button down front. Cooler pics available at the...
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