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Speaking of Sweet Rose Creamery, Salt & Straw on Larchmont and Carmela on W. 3rd. Or Scoops...quality is not up to par with the mentioned but they make up with it with wild flavors (similar: Coolhaus)Bread Pudding at Masa of Echo Park. A lotta things at Semi-Sweet Bakery (and around the corner at Nickel Diner).Milk is overrated IMO
Ran across this older jacket...can anyone tell me about it? Like season-wise. It's from the Y's line. Just want to make sure it's all legit
Resurrecting this long forgotten thread...and no, this isn't about Coachella. I'm in charge of my buddy's bachelor party in October, and I might as well start planning now. He hates Vegas so I was thinking Palm Springs...less hectic, same amount of drinking. What's good? I'm going into this blindly. I was thinking about booking at the Ace Hotel or Saguaro. Other things: Bootlegger Tiki, Bar...recommendations for eating/drinking/doing?
Did anyone actually buy the Ippudo jacket (I don't even know if they are still for sale)? If so, thoughts? After a quick thread search, it doesn't seem that anyone actually pulled the trigger, and there was more negative than positive vibes towards it...the logo itself doesn't bother me, as I thought the jacket actually said "IPPUDO" which would suck. I can handle the print. Heading to NYC is a couple weeks and am considering it
National Anthem tee(?). A little weight to it, more than a normal tee. National Anthem is under the same umbrella as Wings & Horns and Reigning Champ. Made in Canada. Originally purchased at the Inventory shop in Vancouver (RIP). Worn, cold washed and line dried. 20.75" chest, 26" length. Asking $26 shipped
Studio D'Artisan, size (Japanese) XL. Originally purchased at the SDA shop in Osaka. Worn, cold washed and line dried. 21" chest, 26" length. Asking $26 shipped
Engineered Garments striped henley, size large. Worn, cold washed and line dried. 21" chest, 27" length. Asking $28 shipped
(2) ONE Engineered Garments popover shirts, both in size Large. One is plaid (chest 21", length 30"), the other floral (chest 21", length 29.5", this is some collaboration with the Surf Riders Foundation or something). Both have been either cold washed/line dried or dry cleaned. Asking $65 shipped each in the States, a bit more if international. Discount if you grab both. PLAID SOLD, FLORAL STILL AVAILABLE
Yessir, they fall into the $80 range I believe. Also, Archive jackets and the wool bomber is available
LA peeps: Just left the Apolis sample sale - $80 for jackets and coats (including the beloved chore jacket...indigo blue not available though, but a small selection of indigo stripe) $150 for "tech" jackets $50 for wool pants $80 for Officer shoes $100 for Fatigue boots Usual selection of shirts, accessories, market bags. Best part: free quesadillas, coffee, and green tea scones...which are seriously delicious Best part #2: Guerrilla Tacos is parked around the corner
New Posts  All Forums: