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that was YOU?! DAMMIT
Finally broke out my Wings + Horns cashmere tees (like 15% cashmere or something). The label says don't wash/dry clean only. I'm not about to dry clean some tees. Tips online point to some techniques but they seems pretty intense. My question is - CAN I wash them in the machine (obviously cold water/gentle cycle/air dry) without any major issues?
Hooded bomber came in - need some fit feedback! I'm a solid 52 in Geller, sometimes a 52 runs really tight for me. The bomber I got was a size 50. It feels OK, but I'm worried I'm not getting the Geller "intended fit", you know? Should I keep or return and continue the search for my size? Bonus round! Since I'm here, same question. Size 52 body with a size 50 barracuda. Feels a tad too trim, but I can deal. But how's the fit?
And reigning champ of the priciest Hooded Bomber goes to RSVP (great color though)So much price discrepancy with this particular piece!
As a true 52 in Geller, I ended up scooping the size 50 Hooded Bomber - I really hope it works. Like, really. I still hate @OccultaVexillum and the mystery man from SSENSE who got the only two size 52's ever in production apparently These are the woes of being so damn swole jk
You and me both. But let's be real, that size would NEVER show up on any Japanese sites I have three jackets in size 5 that don't get much play, but I'm holding onto them in fear that I will never, ever see them in that size again (same goes for all my Number (N)ine stuff in size 5)
I had no idea that was open already! Culver City is coming up.
If you are talking about the Thilo jacket, the only place I've seen a size 52 was Bloomingdale's in LA. Then one day all the Thilo jackets disappeared. I'm assuming they all got transferred to NYC, doubt they all sold.
I've heard the same thing about the name from I missing something? Why is the name so cringe-y?
Which one of you jags bought the hooded bomber in 52 from SSENSE?! @gdl203, should we expect any more Geller drops at NMWA?
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