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Echoing on the Bureau comments, I've never gotten hit with any fees from them PLUS their shipping from Ireland > States is super fast. Highly recommended
Good to know, I've been meaning to try Prime out! I'll just have to be ready to bob-and-weave through the swarms of Odd Future tee, snapback wearing, more advanced smartphone than me skateboarding youngins' on FairfaxSpeaking of pizza - I know its been around forever but I finally ate some slices at Two Boots (Echo Park location, if that makes a difference) - I loved it. It's taking over my Tomato Pie recommendation go-to quick stop pizza category. For now.Edit: I got all...
Tried to channel Yohji...with Junya and CDGH+
PSA to LA folks who also have a small frame - Leder wool cardigan, size XS. $65 @ Wasteland on Melrose
Thanks a bunch guys! I needed that - it felt a bit weird because it didn't fit the traditional cropped bomber length/looked like online shop models were wearing it shorter. I think I was just being sensitive
Got the MA1 x M65 after beasting after it for so long. Decided to get the Large...I figure I would err on the side of too big rather than too small. What do you think of the sizing? Be honest, I'm a big boy
Got back last night. I didn't get to eat at all the places I hoped to (No Ava Gene's, Woodsman Tavern was closed for holiday parties, no OX, no Expatriate, and no reservations available at Langbaan). BUT I still had my share of great meals: The Big Egg Carte Blanche (twice) Nong's Kachka Roman Bakery Sweedeedee Slowburger Grassa Blue Star Donuts (like, 4x) Kachka was good (went due to heavy recommendations), but I would have to say my favorite dish from the trip was the...
PRICE DROPPED FOR A QUICK SALE! John Lawrence Sullivan Cafe Racer in red horse leather. Made in Japan. Retailed for about $2,600. Band collar, quilted elbows and shoulders. Super tough, I only wore it around my apartment in the hopes of breaking it in. No luck. Sizing - so normally I wear a size 52 in jackets, a traditional American Large. I can put this jacket on, but it is somewhat uncomfortable (I have broad shoulders/arms). I'm unsure if it's the actual sizing or if I...
Woolrich Woolen Mills sweatpants, size medium. IIRC, from the Daiki Suzuki era. Cuffed bottoms. Side pockets, buttoned back pockets. NO elastic waist, but uses a drawstring. That said, the waist measures 19" across, and from the waist to cuff is 40.5". 91% cotton, the rest poly. Worn once or twice casually, excellent condition. Asking $60 shipped in the states, a little extra if international. NOW $45
Leather creeper boots by Rick Owens in DARK DUST color. Brand new, box and tote bag included. Size 43.5, which seems like a pretty rare size for RO footwear. Made in Italy. Asking $570 shipped in the states, a bit more if international (shipping will be kinda cray due to the damn box) NOW $499
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