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Hopefully a decent stock of Buzz R. is in order!
F/W up on 12345: http://www.12345clothing.com/shop/manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer=59 (not THAT much)
FYI, just called NNY because I was really interested in the LBD shirt(s) - LBD shirts (the long ones w/ pockets) are $300 Block shirts (like the first one) are $204-$226 depending on the color
I went into 12345 this afternoon and was told Robert himself was visiting the shop in earlier today...and I was totally next door this morning getting a breakfast burrito. I WAS SO CLOSE TO HIS PRESENCE. I would have given him my burrito. It would have been the best birthday ever (because today is my birthday)
I think you meant WWM instead of EGBut I don't know the answer anyway so this response was pointlessEG = Daiki, WWM = used to be Daiki, then McNairy, now I dunno
Any idea what the NNY pricing is for the Rough Out coat? Japanese retailers have it at ¥55,000 (~$505 USD)
I don't know if it is what you are talking about, but did you try on the Engineered Garments x Faribault Wollen Mills CPO? I was excited to find it, but wearing it feels like you are being hugged by Satan. Not worth it IMOAll in all, pretty good sale, but a shitty wait
VERY excellent eye - thanks guys!
Sorry to bug y'all with this, but I figured I would get a better answer here than the 'small questions' thread. Anyway, can anyone help identifying the brand of this jacket? The snap buttons and lining remind me of a Zam Barrett jacket, but IIRC he uses different RiRi zippers. Also, this could just be a random jacket. Any help?
No Rebuild Although there are no products listed at the moment - SASQUATCHFABRIX is under the Nepenthes umbrella?
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