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Since we are kinda sorta on the subject of Rick sizing... I recently got this RO low collar blistered Intarsia. Rick sizing is always wonky for me...I gambled and got an XL. What do you think of the fit? It feels right, but the sleeve stacking kinda bugs me. Keep or throw it on the Marketplace?
Worn super lightly, perfect condition. Size 42, which feels like a Large in Engineered Garments / WWM. Retailed for $635, Asking $100 NOW $65 shipped in the States (international a bit higher)...get a steal hurrrrrrrrrrrr Some info I stole from Caliroots: Features include chambray seam taping and partial lining, bemberg sleeve lining and horn buttons. 100% Cotton Chambray seam tape Partial chambray lining Satin sleeve lining Horn Buttons Made in USA Some info I stole...
Glad to see Geller is back at Assembly! Now if they just brought back the Key Shop...
Do you know if this includes larger sizes of pieces that are strictly sold in the Japanese market?
Although not on the site, 12345 has the Extended Vest in stock (2 sizes, 46 & 48). Seems the usual suspects didn't pick this piece up This one: https://www.anture.jp/GOODSDETAIL-1401 edit: They also have the dress denim. which is really cool in person. But no more zip blazers
Edit: Looks like it was already answered. Blah blah Blackbird has no Geller stock anymore blah blah
This. Please.
Really feeling those cropped jackets with the contrasting collars I really hate how Robert has been coming out wearing that olive bomber at the end of a couple of his shows. I've been searching for it forever - it's like he's taunting me
re: 12345 I stopped in today on my lunch break and the SA was surprised at the amount of Geller getting sold - she was in the middle of getting everything ready to be shipped out. She said since the flight pants are so popular she is going to try to get more in. I'm assuming this goes for the blazers too (fyi, I saw 2 blazers left, one in a 50, and one more pair of flight pants left)
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