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Did anyone pick up the MA1 x M65 piece this season? If so, how did you size it/how does it run?
My brother visited Portland and said Ava Gene's was the best place he ate at while visiting the States (he's been living in Japan for some years), a claim that spit on all the LA spots I took him to. It was insulting to me and my city. That said, I guess I'll try Ava Gene's when I visit next month... Real talk, is Podnah's good BBQ? Every time I mention going there, my friend drags me to Smokehouse 21, saying it's far superior - but I never hear anything about Smokehouse...
Can anyone enlighten me on the size range for thesoloist? Everywhere I look it is a S or M...with Number (N)ine I was lucky that they went up to size 4 and 5 but it doesn't seem like thesoloist goes up that high
Hopefully a decent stock of Buzz R. is in order!
F/W up on 12345: http://www.12345clothing.com/shop/manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer=59 (not THAT much)
FYI, just called NNY because I was really interested in the LBD shirt(s) - LBD shirts (the long ones w/ pockets) are $300 Block shirts (like the first one) are $204-$226 depending on the color
I went into 12345 this afternoon and was told Robert himself was visiting the shop in earlier today...and I was totally next door this morning getting a breakfast burrito. I WAS SO CLOSE TO HIS PRESENCE. I would have given him my burrito. It would have been the best birthday ever (because today is my birthday)
I think you meant WWM instead of EGBut I don't know the answer anyway so this response was pointlessEG = Daiki, WWM = used to be Daiki, then McNairy, now I dunno
Any idea what the NNY pricing is for the Rough Out coat? Japanese retailers have it at ¥55,000 (~$505 USD)
I don't know if it is what you are talking about, but did you try on the Engineered Garments x Faribault Wollen Mills CPO? I was excited to find it, but wearing it feels like you are being hugged by Satan. Not worth it IMOAll in all, pretty good sale, but a shitty wait
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