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Zam Barrett Minimalist DNA Pants. Grey. Maybe a linen blend? Don't quote me on that. From FW13. Size 48, waist measures 16.5" across. Worn about 8 times. $590 retail.
Going to be a 4th wheel on my buddy's Valentine's dinner with his wife (4th wheel because another male is joining, so no hopes of a double date), heading to Pistola. Has anybody been? Recs? I mean, steak is steak and I hope they do it well, but I'm open to other menu items if they're good. My coworkers hit up the new Pok Pok (Phat Thai) in Chinatown and reported that they don't serve fish sauce wings...which is what I was most excited for and the only thing I got at their...
First shipment @ 12345. Dominik coat feels really nice. Also avail was Dominik trousers, some sort of baseball-like button down and the Less tee
For those curious...looks like Bobby-G is using a new tag for his made in America denim program (from the trucker jacket @ Fred Segal)
Sweet lord. I spent close 7 freakin' hours at Inspiration. And I thought I would be there 2 hours tops. It was amazing. I'll be there next year fosho
Anyone heading to Inspiration LA today/tomorrow?
Cropped tencel flight pants by Robert Geller. The "short" version as opposed to the longer more recent versions. Size 46. Worn, some minor discoloration and loss of sheen because of the dry cleaners. Measurements: Waist NOT stretched out: 14.5" Waist to end of cuff: 35.5" Asking $65 shipped in the states, a bit more if international.
Linen blend Robert Geller trucker jacket from SS12. Size and exact composition unknown because there is no composition tag, which leads me to believe it's a sample. Maybe it came from the SF sample sale? I originally proxied it via Rakuten, and it was listed as an "XL". XL for Japanese standards maybe. I am normally a 52 in Geller, and I can put this on, but uncomfortably. I would say it's a 50, but I guess it could also be a 48 if it's a sample. Measurements below! Chest:...
Echoing on the Bureau comments, I've never gotten hit with any fees from them PLUS their shipping from Ireland > States is super fast. Highly recommended
Good to know, I've been meaning to try Prime out! I'll just have to be ready to bob-and-weave through the swarms of Odd Future tee, snapback wearing, more advanced smartphone than me skateboarding youngins' on FairfaxSpeaking of pizza - I know its been around forever but I finally ate some slices at Two Boots (Echo Park location, if that makes a difference) - I loved it. It's taking over my Tomato Pie recommendation go-to quick stop pizza category. For now.Edit: I got all...
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