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Re: Yoox Do some items straight up disappear from your Dreambox sometimes? I mean, it's not even listed in the "Sold Out" section, just up and disappear. It's REALLY annoying
Depends the size, but I saw navy, grey and black
$10-$15 Candles, holla @steventWool CPO $100Jackets $150-ishPants $60 (or $80, I forget)Shirts $60 (or $80, I forget)Wallets $15Caps $20Magazines (like Monocle) $5Market and Garden Bags $25Wine totes $35That's all I can remember off the top of my head
LA peeps: Apolis Spring Sample Sale Apr 3 - 6 (Thurs - Sun), noon - 5 @ Apolis Common Gallery, 806 E. 3rd St. LA 90013 (most likely at the open space right across the street though) From past experience, if you are a fan of Apolis, you will really like the sale. Go grab some market bags. Or search the bucket of ONE DOLLAR Apolis/Katin swim trunks
Sorry! I didn't even know there was a question asked - yes, it is 100% cotton. And at a lower price!
This is more of a 'this or that'... Pretty set on picking up a Needles Rebuild jacket - but which one? I was set on the shawl collar initially, but for some reason the peak lapel is calling out to me... PEAK LAPEL SHAWL COLLAR
Getting my StyleZeitgeist on... The Viridi-Anne Ricky O
The few times that I've been they've run out of tacos (in the afternoon - you really have to catch them early), so I had to get the torta (which is served on a croissant). I'm never disappointed.
El Tepeyac has some beastly burritos! I remember back in the day, if you finish a "dos manos" burrito (I think that's what it was called) you would get it for free. I wonder if they still do that.Speaking of Mexican, the best taco truck taco I've had in recent memory is Leo's Tacos on La Brea and Venice (the orange truck in the 76 gas station lot...I think there are 2 other trucks sharing that intersection). It's best at night - their al pastor sliced fresh from the spit...
No bomber at 12345? BOO I asked them if they planned to stock size 52 this season and I was told they get Geller up to 54, it just sells out. I don't think he knows what he is talking about. Or maybe I'm missing something. But probably not
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