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I sized down, solely because I could not find my normal RG size. That said, in a perfect scenario I would prefer my normal size, but I am completely happy with my sized down jacket. It fits more trim and still works...I personally would rather go with the looser fit.
I want 98% of everything Geller puts out.Those CP's are in the 2%
Why the hell don't I check this tread more often Freaked out when I saw the saddle sports trainers in my size and picked them up - saddle isn't really my color but I'm with everybody else...the price was too good to pass up this is a generational problem
Then it's settled. LA Styleforum meetup at Souplantation in Valencia, followed by beer at BJ's.
Canyon Country? What were you doing all the way there? Unless it was only for the restaurant. I grew up in the area and the only reason people would go to that land of chain restaurants is to go to Magic Mountain.Last time I visited my parents I saw that they are replacing the Elephant Bar with a Red Robins. Fun times ahead!
Any reviews on this season's Seconds tees? The models online make it look likes its running pretty short...maybe they are just really tall dudes. Or not
Tried the TBS footwear code on some New Balances - no luck. I'm in the US...maybe it's a country-specific thing. Edit: what he said ^
Extra 60% a lot of items at Barney's Warehouse. Act quick, because things in my cart got stolen if that is any indication of the traffic. Picked up some Barney's brand Vans-like leather slip-ons. Get that Common Projects look for $63. Gold foil stamp them yourself
Edit: Picked up my #2 choice, W+H high tops for $152. Wish I picked up on the 100 off instead of 50 off mistake earlier!Edit #2: accidentally edited my own post. I'm really not that vain, promise
that was YOU?! DAMMIT
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