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Question for Duster pants owners! Sizing TTS? I recall @OccultaVexillum saying they were TTS, but I just wanted a second opinion. I'm a solid 48 in Geller pants and I tried on a 52 and they kinda sorta fit me in the waist. I don't know if I'm tripping (because it's 2 sizes over) or I'm getting fatter. Wondering if I should just buy the 52 or continue my search for a 48.
Why is this world so cruel? I found one of my grails, the souvenir jacket from 08(?) one size too small (50). $102 at wasteland in LA. Just sharing this with fellow Geller fans, so one of you can be as happy as I wanted to be
Ha! That makes sense. I guess I was just confused because I though Westbrook had no ties to LA, much less the Valley, so I thought, "why put a dealership there?" After a wiki search, I found he's from Long Beach and went to UCLA (as a former Bruin, I guess I should have known this fact).
I just found out today that Russell Westbrook has a car dealership in Van Nuys. Why is this a thing Also, any word on Kettle Black and Sawyer? Thinking about hitting one up for happy hour today.
Sun Surf shirt shirt by Toyo, who head Sugar Cane and Buzz Rickson. Made in Japan. Bought in Japan at a consignment shop, worn once and dry cleaned. Size Large, fits slim. Retailed for $170. 100% Cotton Fabric Designed by Masked Marvel for Sun Surf Single Chest Pocket Pressed Coconut Fiber Buttons Rinsed (shrinkage is minimal) Made in Japan
@conceptual 4est, when are the FW16 pieces hitting NMWA? I really want (need? No, want) one of the bombers, but need to see where I am financially before I commit to a SS17 preorder. I got a lot of weddings to go to this year!
Cassell's for burgers, on 6th St.After work...EMC for happy hour? I'm not a oyster guy but my friends enjoyed it
Guerilla Tacos is absolutely amazing. I recommend it to all out-of-towners - shame there isn't a B&M location for consistency's sake. I'm never had a bad item there...except for this Armenian sausage - Sujuk. Not too much of a fan, but that was on me not liking the sausage's taste, not GT doing a bad job.
CM, please help! I am 1 of 5 groomsmen, and have been assigned to help with the suit selection. The groom wants everyone wearing roughly the same color, but wants to vary the look/feel of the party, like have each grromsman have a different look. Outside of someone wearing a bow tie, another one a vest (I don't know, just spitballing here) what are some ways we all can achieve that subtle difference between everyone?
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