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Which one of you jags bought the hooded bomber in 52 from SSENSE?! @gdl203, should we expect any more Geller drops at NMWA?
More bad news...they don't have much web presence so this will only affect LA locals, but American Rag will not be carrying Geller the season, no word about the future. And Fred Segal Santa Monica/Pacific Man will be going out of business as of March 31st. Kinda sucks, as the mentioned boutiques usually have a good buy and order a pretty full run of sizes. Cross 2 more off the stockists list
FYI, spoke to a SA at Frances May - apparently, whatever is on the website now - 2 blank tees, sweat shorts - are all they are getting in for this season. That is either an extremely disappointing buy (even if they were playing it safe, it's too safe) or the SA completely zoned out when I called in. Which is entirely possible because my voice is hypnotic and sexy
That's what I was afraid to hear. Damn you @OccultaVexillum for grabbing the Olive in 52
@lesamourai & @OccultaVexillum, care to comment on the hooded bomber sizing? From what I can tell from the posted measurements, it runs larger (people can afford to size down, a la the Tencel Bomber). But measurements have been known to be inaccurate...
Yup. I considered soaking it (just the top part to get the collar) and applying conditioner, but I'm trying to not do that.
Denim/Americana/Workwear: Hinoya & Americaya in Ueno. Is Base Control still a thing? That has a Uniqlo vibe to it, as far as basics go. Other than that, just stick to Shibuya (Harajuku/Omotesando area) for the majority of shops. Personally, I am a huge fan of the resell/consignment/second hand shops in Japan, namely Kindal and Rag Tag (Jumble Store, to a lesser extent). Both have a good number of locations in Tokyo.
I have both the black and the grey. I love them. But honestly, they are not really anything extraordinary, just some really nice suede boots. That happen to come with spats that I never use. Lemme know if you have any questions about them.
Buzz Rickson MA-1 Owners: I recently broke out my MA-1 that I've been keeping in storage for a trip. The ribbing on the neck was really irritating, and even left my neck with a minor rash after a day of wearing it. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you remedy? This hasn't happened with any other MA-1's or wool clothing for me, so I don't think it's on me...maybe.
^ I assumed it was difference in fabric issue - but nope, both 100% nylon. And the doper color (subjective) is less expensive
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