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Any word/reviews on the Moritz Parka? It's been pretty quiet on that piece
Does anyone know if the SF coupon works on sale items or how to apply the first time $50 off $250 code?
Prospekt Supply natural canvas pullover. Size Large. Brand new. Leather accents throughout (like the quilted elbows). RiRi zippers. Front hidden zipper pouch. 100% cotton, made in Canada. Slim fitting. Asking $150 shipped in the States, OBO. A little more if overseas
Junya Watanabe Man naval denim jacket. I THINK from AW2003. Stencil design on the bottom, anchor patch on arm, metal "JM" pins on epaulets. Worn, Great condition, dry cleaned and stored. Asking $185 shipped in the States OBO, a little more if overseas DROP TO $90
Brand new Frank Leder wool belted coat. Made in Germany. If you know about Frank Leder, you know how high the quality of this. Fantastic, very hard to find piece. 100% wool. Size Large, for me it fits M/L. Doable for a large, but fits trim especially in the armhole area. Asking $330 shipped in the States, OBO...a little more if overseas
I remember Neveux Artisan was decent, but forgettable. I missed it - did anyone mention Carmela? All this 'boutique' ice cream and I don't recall seeing this. Also, any word on ICDC (ice cream donuts coffee on Beverly...not the 'college')?Also, high-five to a fellow Bruin...but I have to note that as bad as Diddy Reese is, as a poor student, that $1 ice cream sandwich was heaven, paired perfectly with a burrito from Buck Fiddy and a Natty Ice at an apartment party on Landfair
Small question: my brother came across an "exclusive to Leather Soul" pair at a second-hand shop. The handwritten size on the inside says 9.5 - is that 9.5 in UK or US sizing? I know Trickers are noted in UK sizes but since Leather Soul is a US company I am unsure if they made an exception for this run. I would hate to tell him to buy a pair for me that fits too small. Thanks in advance!
I was thinking of grabbing some from the Toto sale, but all the fit pics from around the internet looked like it was way too cropped - I wasn't sure it it was the models or it was actually running short.
Should have clarified - Arts District in DTLA near the breweries...on 3rd St (and Traction), pretty much facing opposite Apolis.
So the would-be Salt & Straw location in the Arts District is now an H. Lorenzo Archive shop. Which is cool, but I really wanted ice cream Edit/Update: I stopped by on my lunch break. Pretty good selection of the usual suspects: Add D, Raf, some Junya, and the normal SZ styles. Everything is 50% off. Was told it is only a pop-up for 2 - 3 months, but may remain open longer depending on the traffic. If you are familiar with the H. Lorenzo Tent Sale, this is basically that...
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