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Yeah, I was referring to the rest of the Packing House. BR is all around solid.
Blind Rabbit is probably the best part of the Anaheim Packing House/District/whatever (I can't hate on Hammer bar either). But I have been very underwhelmed by the food there - granted I haven't had all the spots but from what I've had, I'm saying 4th Street Market is the king of OC fancy food courts
Egg Slut is so hyped up, but I love it. Other than the "gentrified" spots that have moved in, my fave is Roast to Go...$3 for a taco but sweet lord do they pack on the meat.EDIT: went to GCM this past weekend and found that Roast To Go raised it's taco price to $3.50, as of last week. I'm still saying it's worth it, but c'mon, $3 was betterAlso, I'm a fan of Sticky Rice
Garment-washed Barracuda owners: how did you size? Did you go with your normal RG size or did you size down?
General Quarters on La Brea. Don't go to Brea. There isn't much there besides Cal State Fullerton students
Just needed a place to vent - I'm selling a RO jacket on gr@iled and got a crazy lowball offer with an accompanying message: "ay dude come on its the holidays im even sellin some grails for cheap just for the sake of xmas" What he is currently selling: Supreme box hoodie for $360 (dropped from $400), Supreme floral hoodie for $495 (dropped from $550). I should give this guy a break, right? For the spirit of Christmas! If you are post on this site, yeah I'm putting you on...
You bought the size L, didn't you
Robert Geller contrast pattern BD shirt. Size 50, but fits larger (I usually wear size 52 in Geller, and this works for me). Nice an lightweight. Made in Japan. 70% Tencel, 30% Cotton. Worn lightly, dry cleaned, stored. Chest: 21.5" Shoulders 18" Asking $80 shipped in the States OBO - NOW $72
Seconded (or thirded?) on that long line business re: Mohawk SS. BUT I thought they had a pretty decent selection. Came out with some Dries and Needles stuff, although the prices were a bit higher than I was expecting. But then again I'm a cheap ass.
Me thinks you are talking about
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