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I think you meant WWM instead of EGBut I don't know the answer anyway so this response was pointlessEG = Daiki, WWM = used to be Daiki, then McNairy, now I dunno
Any idea what the NNY pricing is for the Rough Out coat? Japanese retailers have it at ¥55,000 (~$505 USD)
I don't know if it is what you are talking about, but did you try on the Engineered Garments x Faribault Wollen Mills CPO? I was excited to find it, but wearing it feels like you are being hugged by Satan. Not worth it IMOAll in all, pretty good sale, but a shitty wait
VERY excellent eye - thanks guys!
Sorry to bug y'all with this, but I figured I would get a better answer here than the 'small questions' thread. Anyway, can anyone help identifying the brand of this jacket? The snap buttons and lining remind me of a Zam Barrett jacket, but IIRC he uses different RiRi zippers. Also, this could just be a random jacket. Any help?
No Rebuild Although there are no products listed at the moment - SASQUATCHFABRIX is under the Nepenthes umbrella?
OH! Since I'm here, I might as well share another multiple celeb sighting - In London a while back, I walked past Michael Caine on the way to dinner - I think he was on the way to film, they had a crew set up down the street. Got to dinner, and when we were about to be seated, the waitress said in the sweetest way, "I don't want to alarm you, but we are going to be seating you next to NICKELBACK!" And she was grinning, genuinely thinking she was doing us a favor. And sure...
Last week - Sat next to Leonard from Big Bang Theory and Ginsberg from Mad Men during dinner - they were in separate parties but they kept buying bottles of wine for each other. I guess that is what happens when an actor sees another actor in public - you buy each other things Same night after dinner, went to a bar to grab a quick drink, Colin Ferrell posted up right next to me. The celebrities are out on Wednesday nights in LA
They didn't...yet. Selection is kind of low, I'm expecting they'll get more in.
Some snaps from 12345 - They also had the neoprene trucker jacket. Tried it on, pretty cool actually. But my fingers smelled like rubber for about an hour after. And unfortunately, they won't be at stocking the long flannel. The wool cuffed hem (pictured below) trousers are dope
New Posts  All Forums: