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artishard116 = Art Is Hard? Sweet lord, this whole time I'm been reading your username as ASHITARD I don't know why I had to share that
Came across this Wings+Horns piece from 2007. RiRi zippers and er'thang
Re: Yoox Do some items straight up disappear from your Dreambox sometimes? I mean, it's not even listed in the "Sold Out" section, just up and disappear. It's REALLY annoying
Depends the size, but I saw navy, grey and black
$10-$15 Candles, holla @steventWool CPO $100Jackets $150-ishPants $60 (or $80, I forget)Shirts $60 (or $80, I forget)Wallets $15Caps $20Magazines (like Monocle) $5Market and Garden Bags $25Wine totes $35That's all I can remember off the top of my head
LA peeps: Apolis Spring Sample Sale Apr 3 - 6 (Thurs - Sun), noon - 5 @ Apolis Common Gallery, 806 E. 3rd St. LA 90013 (most likely at the open space right across the street though) From past experience, if you are a fan of Apolis, you will really like the sale. Go grab some market bags. Or search the bucket of ONE DOLLAR Apolis/Katin swim trunks
Sorry! I didn't even know there was a question asked - yes, it is 100% cotton. And at a lower price!
This is more of a 'this or that'... Pretty set on picking up a Needles Rebuild jacket - but which one? I was set on the shawl collar initially, but for some reason the peak lapel is calling out to me... PEAK LAPEL SHAWL COLLAR
Getting my StyleZeitgeist on... The Viridi-Anne Ricky O
The few times that I've been they've run out of tacos (in the afternoon - you really have to catch them early), so I had to get the torta (which is served on a croissant). I'm never disappointed.
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