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LA peeps: Just left the Apolis sample sale - $80 for jackets and coats (including the beloved chore jacket...indigo blue not available though, but a small selection of indigo stripe) $150 for "tech" jackets $50 for wool pants $80 for Officer shoes $100 for Fatigue boots Usual selection of shirts, accessories, market bags. Best part: free quesadillas, coffee, and green tea scones...which are seriously delicious Best part #2: Guerrilla Tacos is parked around the corner
This is probably not going to help you at all, but as far as MA-1's go (I suppose this can apply to the L2-A), people swear by Buzz Rickson - maybe because it is more readily available outside of Japan so more pople have access to it. I've handled both and I personally like Real McCoy - it "feels" and fits better, although the Buzz version feels a lot tougher/sturdy. As far as pure quality, I don't think you can go wrong with either - both are at the top of the repro...
1) So what's the deal with (Seinfeld voice) the new denim program anyway? I mean, besides it being produced in the States (Los Angeles, AFAIK), is it different from the Japanese produced ones in the past (denim jackets included)? I'm sure the cuts are a bit different, but like in general. I'm just a bit confused on this new 'launch'. Speaking of cuts... 2) is it right to assume that the difference in cuts RG1 > RG2 > RG3 are just increasing from slimmest to...un-slim? It...
Any chance of a restock of the Indigo Chore Coat in the near future?
Quick sale, probably ending Friday? I'm at work right now so I pulled all the pics off the internet, but this is obviously the sweater I'm selling, I can upload some actual pics tonight. Size Large, fits TTS, form fitting. RiRi zip. 70% merino wool, 30% Nepalese cashmere. $400 retail. Worn maybe 5 times, great condition. Asking $55 shipped in the States, a bit more international.
Feal Mor "Breton" sailor sweater. I have 3 available: Navy heather, Green/Sage heather, and Camel and navy striped. 4 button opening on the left shoulder. All worn very lightly, excellent condition. 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. Made in Brittany, France. Size Large/4. Retailed for $240, asking $70 shipped in the States each, discount for multiple buys. A bit more if international. NOW $52 Some measurement from the site: SIZE 4 – LARGE CHEST: 19 1/4" LENGTH: 28 1/4"...
PSA - Barney's Warehouse has the Spiewak Golden Fleece (their "higher end" made in USA line) MA-1 for $99 for the next...almost 2 hours (ends at 1 PST / 4 EST). I have no experience with this line but I picked up the blue one (BLACK is also available)
I actually emailed Geller some time ago asking exactly that and surprisingly, the man himself responded to me! He said he would send me one for free, but in return he wanted a photo of the jacket that needed it (after I had told him I was searching for said jacket and finally got it, he was curious which of his pieces I was fiending for)My mistake: I took this rare opportunity to send him a pic of all my Geller jackets as well and started to gush over how much I loved his...
I saw some dude today wearing a tee that read "Trill Sander" that is all I have to report
Kicking Mule Workshop (KMW) Grey "Tweed" Trousers. Made in Japan. Retailed for $350. Chambray pocket interiors. Tagged size 32 x 34. Worn regularly, dry cleaned maybe twice and stored. Excellent condition. 64% cotton, 18% polyester, 18% acrylic. Asking $80 shipped in the States, a bit higher if international. NOW $55 Measured size: 16.5" waist 34" inseam
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