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Not an informative post...well I guess I'm informing that there are less out there in the world. My self-submission into the Geller Tencel Bomber Squad. Closest I'll get to my grail, the SS11 Cadet Bomber
PSA for Los Angeles dudes: ran across this Julius_7 jacket at Wasteland on Melrose. $450. Think it's a size 2 maybe? 1? I wear around a size 4 in Julius and it's like I'm trying to put on a child's coat Major con: this fatty ass rip on the back right shoulder/arm area
Barney's in Beverly Hills = Nope
Awesome SS piece from the classic AW11 "Frozen Waves" collection. Hard to describe, so zip-up sweater jacket works, maybe also cardigan-ish? Worn 1-2 times lightly. Size 6, which is like an American Large. 100% Wool. Asking $220, Price drop to $190
2 ONE Stephan Schneider shirts for sale, from the SS12 "Common Ivy" collection. Both are 100% cotton, worn once, dry cleaned then stored. Both are size 6, which is like an American large or 42. Slim fitting. Note: The "Lawn" shirt (large checks) has raw edges. Asked $75 shipped each in the States, or $140 for both. LAWN SHIRT PURCHASED, ONLY SMALL CHECK SHIRT AVAILABLE aka the 2nd pic aka primary pic PRICE DROP TO $54
Size 52 here. You are now my competition...and my enemy
artishard116 = Art Is Hard? Sweet lord, this whole time I'm been reading your username as ASHITARD I don't know why I had to share that
Came across this Wings+Horns piece from 2007. RiRi zippers and er'thang
Re: Yoox Do some items straight up disappear from your Dreambox sometimes? I mean, it's not even listed in the "Sold Out" section, just up and disappear. It's REALLY annoying
Depends the size, but I saw navy, grey and black
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