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That was me - I was eyeing them all morning, but the moment you inquired about them in this thread I thought to myself "competition!" and snagged them immediately. So win-win I guess!
Any way you can give the inseam for any of the striped dip-dye pants? Or the petroleum pants? Thanks in advance
Ugh. Seeing all these 48's makes me regret all the years going to the gym. Dat long bomber =( For the mustard bomber - Saw there was a full size run (although unavailable at the moment). That's a mistake, right?
LA peepz - Just One Eye is having a sample sale right around the corner from their shop in West Hollywood. I just got back from it - as usual the girls have a better selection than the guys, but there is still a fair amount for us. Lots of Yohji available, as well as Kris Van Assche, Y-3, a bunch of crap from a brand called U-NI-TY and Christophe Lemaire, and a couple other brands I've never heard of. 75% off everything.
AR is Aloha Rag's house brand. Stuff is made in Japan. I don't know much beyond that, sorry
Possibly mentioned somewhere in this thread - but I stopped by a Nike running shop yesterday and the Wolf Grey and Teal Flyknit 1's are on sale for $109. I'm assuming this price is valid through all "official" Nike shops (like Niketown, as they verified the price and are holding a pair for me) but when I checked online they were like $127 or something. So the moral is go to a brick & mortar and buy
Rick Geller Zam
KK Attachment Denim Jacket And after I told myself not to buy anymore denim jackets...ugh. But I have no self control and this jacket is great
Is it strange that I found something that was originally in the Warehouse now on the normal Barney's webstore?
Automobile woes have led me to this. Didn't even get a chance to break this out for the colder weather. Brand new Robert Geller suede bomber jacket. Size 50 (can fit a 52...I'm a 52 , see fit pic). Sheep skin. Retailed for $1700. Asking an insane $450 shipped in the States, a bit more if international. NOW ASKING $410
New Posts  All Forums: