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^^ Never my size Always the bridesmaid, never the bride
Needles band collar western Geller long shirt/tunic
Other than what was mentioned, I remember seeing A LOT of Geller at Cave Osaka, in case you are on that part of the country. Although Geller isn't popping up on their website so maybe they dropped him
Junya Junya And the only jacket I lusted for this season...and of course it doesn't fit right. Whomp. Undercover
Didn't want to leave Inventory empty handed and bought a size too big. Worn about twice, lightly. Size 7 5/8. A lighter wool flannel as opposed to their previous Ebbets x GFC release. Asking $30 shipped in the States. Now some stuff from GFC: Ebbets Field Flannels is a Seattle based purveyor of vintage baseball caps. They make them just as they were during baseball's golden era: pre-1970 before money found it's way into the sport and spoiled the uniforms too. Made with a...
Did you just reference Mark of the Wolves? YEEESSSSSEdit: forgot he was in CvS2 also
PSA to LA peeps, this blazer is avail at Wasteland on Melrose for $300. Size 50
I'm in
Wait...which States are you talking about? Shipping to the USA is $12 buddy
I love the pair of Z-1's I own - looks like Zam doesn't carry them anymore. Are the Soft J's an equivalent cut?
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