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Really feeling those cropped jackets with the contrasting collars I really hate how Robert has been coming out wearing that olive bomber at the end of a couple of his shows. I've been searching for it forever - it's like he's taunting me
re: 12345 I stopped in today on my lunch break and the SA was surprised at the amount of Geller getting sold - she was in the middle of getting everything ready to be shipped out. She said since the flight pants are so popular she is going to try to get more in. I'm assuming this goes for the blazers too (fyi, I saw 2 blazers left, one in a 50, and one more pair of flight pants left)
Anyone who picked up a pair of derbies from the sample sale care to review them? The only evidence of them being worn is on the runway, and I can't really tell how they look like when worn casually
Assuming you got the 43? What color?And question about the Derbies - is the difference between the 'leather' and 'combo' the material of the toe-box?
Speaking of pre-orders - did any one end up pre-ordering those quilted sleeve jacket from Owen NYC? Who else is carrying it?
Valid until what time? For some reason I can't get things into my cart - I'll try on my work computer tomorrow morning
12345 in LA's Art District is starting to carry Geller. I stopped in today and they had a pair of brown trousers, black flight pants, brown zipper blazer and the Peter coat (zipper blazer and Peter coat are pretty awesome). The SA said they'll be getting more in soon. She also mentioned they will be able to special order sizes (like 52, their jackets went up to 50)...but I don't know if she was just saying that or she will actually be able to do it.
You're in LA, right? I've seen it in the past at the SA Annex on Abbott Kinney...but don't quote me on that. If you go and it's not there, you can enjoy Abbott Kinney anyway. Win-win
Helmut Lang flight/bomber/MA-1 whatever. Missing the cuff straps but I'll live
New Posts  All Forums: