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Helllllooooo freshman year of high school. I remember putting the dopest Nautica Competition jacket on layaway at a TJ Maxx...that, paired with my Fila Grant Hills, Tommy shirt and doused in CK One (or Cool Water) was my go-to-the-mall uniform. The 90's were live
It's getting colder on the west coast, finally. Robert Geller x2 Buzz Rickson x William Gibson M51 parka
So I couldn't decide which color to get, so I did the unresponsible thing and bought both. I noticed this is a trend in my purchases when I can't make a decision. So for shits and giggles: More Geller Alexandre Plokhov Needle Rebuild Unholy Matrimony for KZO
SHHHHHHHH! I was keep all those size 52's to myself! Also, shout out to @ysbI'm with you...I just bought 2 Geller jackets from this season and am kinda broke
Their brick-and-mortar shop closed up a LONG time ago. I didn't think they had an online presence anymore.
Picked up my first pair, roughout leather. What is the consensus of giving them a water repellent treatment? Y'all do that?
Agreed on Savoy's Hainan Chicken. The only place that rivals or surpasses it is Nong Khao Man Gai in Portland. But I don't know if it's actually better Hainan chicken or if I like it better because they have beer (and peanut sauce)In that part of the valley, I can only think of chains...but there is a Sam Woo BBQ on Devonshire (great dim sum if you don't want to drive to SGV) and Shik Do Rak KBBQ on Reseda x Devonshire
Any help with sizing on a BR x Gibson m-51 parka? I know the Gibson is a slimmer fit, but I don't know if Large means "Japanese" Large or if I should size up...any help?
Anyone get their Raphael bomber yet? Thoughts?
Got low-balled on a Geller item I have up on that one site that shall not be named...and was low-balled because "Geller pieces are not that quality made" as told to me by a potential buyer. He just wanted it for the color. Just wanted to get that off my chest to fellow fan boys
New Posts  All Forums: