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YUP. Touched down on Thursday morning, went to grab a coffee at Barista and the snow began. Then I started hearing that everything was going to start closing up early. There goes one day out the window! I was not prepared at all. Had to re-wear my Buzz Rickson MA-1 all weekend because it was the only thing that could stand up to the cold.Didn't get to go to as many spots as I wanted to. The weekend wasn't a complete wash though - the highlights for me were Holdfast, Pine...
Heading to Portland in a couple days. I'm gonna for sure hit up Nong's and Pizza Jerk, and grabbed a res at Holdfast, Thinking about Willow - any reviews? Speaking of, I threw a short list together from blogs and were wondering if there was anything I HAVE to go to or I can just skip. Or anything else new that I should try (please, I need more recs!): Pop Bagel Kim Jong Smokehouse Revelry Afuri Pollo Norte Tusk Century Bar Hat Yai Han Oak (on the fence about this - it...
Polo Sport cologne was dope because you would get a free duffle bag if you bought it at Robinsons-May
Lao Tao has some good popcorn chicken (with a spicy kick) if you're around Chinatown. That whole plaza is blowing up...BaoHaus, Howlin' Rays, Checgo, etc
There is this spot in LA (and Burbank) called "That's a Wrap" that sells wardrobe from various shows and movies. Basically it ranges from Target brands to Nordstrom Rack...with the occasional gem. Last time I went, I came across jackets from Ann Demeulemeester, Margaret Howell, Margiela, Belstaff and Surface to Air - and they were all tagged coming from the show Elementary. I guess they like to outfit Lucy Liu and whoever plays Sherlock pretty well.
Helllllooooo freshman year of high school. I remember putting the dopest Nautica Competition jacket on layaway at a TJ Maxx...that, paired with my Fila Grant Hills, Tommy shirt and doused in CK One (or Cool Water) was my go-to-the-mall uniform. The 90's were live
It's getting colder on the west coast, finally. Robert Geller x2 Buzz Rickson x William Gibson M51 parka
So I couldn't decide which color to get, so I did the unresponsible thing and bought both. I noticed this is a trend in my purchases when I can't make a decision. So for shits and giggles: More Geller Alexandre Plokhov Needle Rebuild Unholy Matrimony for KZO
SHHHHHHHH! I was keep all those size 52's to myself! Also, shout out to @ysbI'm with you...I just bought 2 Geller jackets from this season and am kinda broke
Their brick-and-mortar shop closed up a LONG time ago. I didn't think they had an online presence anymore.
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