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Had it only been my size...
Still trying to decide on a bomber color....a small part of me wishes that stores had a limited buy (re: colors) so I would forced into buying a color, instead of dealing with this internal struggle. Anyway - the "yellow" tencel strap bomber, was that technically the OCHRE color? I own it, and this will make my decision easier via elimination
I'm pretty sure that is the Thilo bomber
Oh shit - all 3 colors? NMWA comes through
Where do you find this coupon?
Question for Duster pants owners! Sizing TTS? I recall @OccultaVexillum saying they were TTS, but I just wanted a second opinion. I'm a solid 48 in Geller pants and I tried on a 52 and they kinda sorta fit me in the waist. I don't know if I'm tripping (because it's 2 sizes over) or I'm getting fatter. Wondering if I should just buy the 52 or continue my search for a 48.
Why is this world so cruel? I found one of my grails, the souvenir jacket from 08(?)....in one size too small (50). $102 at wasteland in LA. Just sharing this with fellow Geller fans, so one of you can be as happy as I wanted to be
Ha! That makes sense. I guess I was just confused because I though Westbrook had no ties to LA, much less the Valley, so I thought, "why put a dealership there?" After a wiki search, I found he's from Long Beach and went to UCLA (as a former Bruin, I guess I should have known this fact).
I just found out today that Russell Westbrook has a car dealership in Van Nuys. Why is this a thing Also, any word on Kettle Black and Sawyer? Thinking about hitting one up for happy hour today.
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